Sunday, July 13, 2008


Woke up damn early (same time like going to work) as we’re going Sentosa!!! Little prince seemed to know that we’re gonna to a place full of fun & he woke up pretty early too (without having me to wake him up)… We set off shortly after his feed to pick 六姨 up & to Vivo City to meet up with 小姨’s family… Parked my car @ Vivo City & took the mini train (or whatever you call it) to into Sentosa & we alighted @ Imbiah Station…

Little prince's so excited

It's ME!

I felt so small compared to the Merlion

六姨 bought the package that consists of 5 places of interests and the 1st stop was to the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom… It’s actually my 1st time to the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom & they have a short Birds show (lasted about 5 – 10 mins) in the mini garden inside the premises… It’s an eye-opener to little prince & me & little prince was so excited to see parrots performing & flying around & he even got the chance to pat on one of the parrots’ head… It’s just simply so fun & inside the museum, there’s all kinds of butterflies & insects & it’s so overwhelming with all the collections all over the world…

And our 2nd stop is to Sentosa 4D Magix & followed by a Extreme Log Ride from the Sentosa CineBlast…All of us including little prince enjoyed the 4D Magix the most as it’s really very real &we can actually feel water spraying all over whenever there’s water scenes… The show was the Pirates something (couldn’t recall the name of that show) & it lasted for 15 mins… They’re having a promo package of watching 2 shows (4D Magix & CineBlast) @ a cheaper & reasonable price… I’ll definitely bringing little prince back there for the 4D Magix…

Walked over to Subway to have our meals (late lunch) before heading our 3rd stop, Images of Singapore… There’s a 5 – 10 mins show about how Singapore has developed since Raffles came & till now… It’s a good place to refresh my memories on Singapore’s history & the walk in the museum was a real good experience… Little prince fell asleep in the museum & we had to carry him together with his pram up & down the stairs in the museum… My advise is NOT to bring any prams into the museum as it’s really very very INCONVENIENT which I totally regretted of pushing in the pram…

And our finally stop is to the Sky Tower & it’s a 10 mins ride and we were to remain seated down thru’out the trip… Didn’t bring little prince along with me for the ride as he’s still sleeping soundly (I left him in the care of the Sentosa’s staffs @ the Sky Tower) & the space in the cabin was VERY cramped & restricted… There’s nothing special about the ride except that you can see sceneries from bird’s eye view… I’m looking forward for my 1st ‘virgin’ ride @ the Singapore Flyer with little prince & 老公 & I would prefer the Singapore Flyer than to the Sky Tower more…

Taken in the middle of nowhere

The Sky Ride

We're supposed to take the Sky Ride but gave it a miss as all of us were pretty tired & sweaty after spending almost 1/2 a day over @ Sentosa & went back to Vivo City for some 'air-conditioning' before sending them back home... It's definitely a good & great experience for me as well as my cousins & we will be going back for more!!!


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