Saturday, July 19, 2008

Met up with Serene + Clara & Jasmine + Jayde @ Swensen's, Tampines Mall... It was raining damn heavily & I was uber late for the appointment + have to pick little prince up ffrom ILs' office before heading down to Tampines Mall... Decided not to bring little prince's pram along as it would just be a short gathering but I totally regret of not bringing the pram @ the end of the evening...

Anyway, as usual... Mummy & little prince's photo taking session!! Haha!

Presenting.... 2 sweetie pies, Clara & Jayde + forever devil in disguise, little prince!

2 sweetie pies

Simply love their expressions

Clara resembled Serene 100% & 1 look @ Clara can tell that it's Serene's daughter... Both of the sweetie pies had their fair share of fun & yummilicious ice cream & both of them were just 1 year apart... Little prince also had his fair share of fun & food & he simply can blend in well & play with kids older than him, regardless males or females...

After our meal, went for mini shopping @ Toys 'R' Us & Fox apparels... Bumped into Rebecca + William + Kenan outside Toys 'R' Us & Kenan had grown so much since I last saw him on his 1st birthday in May... He's almost the same size or slightly bigger than little prince & I'm so excited for her #2 precious darling baby girl coming to this world in November 2008... Awwwwwwwwwww... It makes me wanting to have my #2 (hopefully a little princess)very very very much!!!

Finally return the mobile cum walker to Eunice before sending Serene + Clara back home... Little prince created a little hoo-ha (practically crying & whining for no reasons) when on our way back home & I had to stop in the middle of the road (road shoulder) to carry him & passed it to Jasmine... He carried on for @ least 5 - 10 mins after I drove off & Jasmine coaxed him by entertaining him with her mobile phone... Sometimes it drives me nuts for little prince to behave like that, but I would have to say it's not as often as before... Maybe once in a blue moon?? Hopefully I won't encounter anymore of his 'nonsense' anymore... *keeping fingers crossed*


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