Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bangkok Trip


I felt so great & full of energy after last night's full body massage & we set off early today for our shopping spree 2... Had my early breakfast with my roommate, Valerie before the 8 of us heading out together...

Our 1st stop of the day is to Bobae Tower (near Prince Palace Hotel) as it's also another wholesale place with lot of cheap prices for clothes... It didn't turn out well as there's not much of clothes to my liking... So we headed down to MBK for our lunch & more shopping spree... Only managed to buy few tops & clothes for 妈咪, 爹地 & Fil... But the prices were more on the high side compared to the other malls that we'd been yesterday... Catherine decided to do up her nails & I also followed as I wanted to try out the 3D nail art with diamontes... It's SOOOOOOOO bloody expensive to have my nails done in Singapore, thus I preferred to have my 'virgin' nail art done in Bangkok... There's soooooooo much designs to choose from & I really salute to those few manicurists that they just have to look @ the pic for about 1-2 mins & they don't even need to refer back when they're doing their clients' nails... It only cost 700 baht, about SGD 30 to do up 10 fingers (excluding pedi & arcylic nails)... Damn CHEAP right??? I'm gonna do the acrylic ones on my next trip there!!!

And TADA~ My 1st 'virgin' nail art on my own nails!!!

My 1st 3D nail art

The rest went back to the hotel to rest while Catherine & WY waiting for me to getmy nails done... So sweet & nice of them!!! =) We took the tuk tuk back to our hotel to get refreshed & changed before heading down for our dinner... Was kinda disappointed when the cab driver told us that Chinatown was closed for the night as they're having their weekly affair of 2nd-hand market & we had to change to this damn freaking expensive place, Suan Nam Seafood (or something like that) for some seafood dinner... The ambience was average & their services suckz... Not all staffs, but one of the staffs who served our table... She's just got a kind of f**k-up attitude (in the beginning) & she slightly changed for the better towards the end...

Sam & Charmaine

Darren & Geraldine


Our Group Photo

All of us were guessing what's the final bill be & only Geraldine or someone else (I can't recalled) was closed to the figure.... It's a freaking 8200 baht, which was equivalent to SGD 342 (based on exchange rate of SGD 1 : 24 Baht)!!! That's without shark's fin or bird nest... We're not gonna patronise that place again... And the most pissed off part was that the restaurants @ Chinatown were still operating as normal, as what Catherine's ex-colleague told her... Damn angry right??? That cab driver must be gaining commission from there that's why he brought us to that place... Argh!!!!!!!

Anyway, unhappy things aside... The 8 of us supposed to go clubbing after dinner, but only Geraldine, Me, Darren & WY went while the rest went back to the hotel to rest as they're tired & some also not feeling well... It's my 1st time to Bangkok's clubs & I'm surprised that it's nothing different from those that I went in Singapore... The place that we went was Route 66 located @ RCA... Their concept was something similar to our local MOS (Ministry of Sound) & they have different kind sof rooms for clubbers to choose from...

Similar to MOS's concept

Geraldine & Me

Can you figure out what's this??

Clubbers from Singapore

1st bottle of the night

2nd bottle of the night


WY, Geraldine & Me

Geraldine & Me

There's no ice re-filling over @ Bangkok & there's a charge of 40 baht every topping of ice & their way of presenting the mixer also kinda cool & the mixers were chargable too... Over all, I totally enjoyed my night there with them even though I don't drink @ all... Darren's friends were pretty cool & fun...

We stayed till like 2+am before heading back to our hotel to recharge our batteries for tomorrow's shopping spree 3...

Loots from Shopping Spree Day 2


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