Friday, August 1, 2008


BANGKOK, HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Woke up pretty early @ 4.30am as I'm meeting Charmaine & the rest an hour later @ Changi Airport T1 for early breakfast + check in... 老公 sent me to the airport & before I leave the house, I whispered to little prince... This is my very 1st time that I'll be away for 4 days without having to see little prince... I almost teared when I kissed him goodbye on his forehead...

Chamaine's very cute, she called me @ 5 am & even sent me an sms asking if I'm awake when I'm already in the midst of preparing myself & got my sleepy 老公 to wake up... Haha... Anyway, Maine, thanks for the reminder la.... Appreciate that... =)

Most of them were there when I arrived & we checked in our big & almost emptied lugguage before having breakfast @ Burger King... It's sooooooo coincidence... After I've done with my check-in, I bumped into 1 of my ever long lost contact girlfriend, Valerie, who happened to be Charmaine's ex colleague & we're taking the same flight to the same place! and our allocated seats was just 2 rows away from each other... Haha... And shortly after, Catherine bumped into her ex-colleague too (also a colleague of Sam Chia's)... Isn't Singapore a small world??? It's like a day of bumping into old friends/colleagues day...

Me & Valerie *A Friend of 10 years*

Our group photo

Valerie & Me on board Jet Star

Anyway, today marks our Day 1 in Bangkok & that means........... SHOPPING SPREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bangkok's new airport was much much better & nicer than their old airport & it's my 2nd time there after 5 years (my 1st trip there was in Year 2003)... The weather in BKK was pretty good & not so humid... We headed straight to our hotel, The Residence Rajtavee, once we've touched down as we doesn't wanna waste any time on any things other than shopping... The exterior of our hotel looked fantastic as I did not checked out how it looked like before the trip... But the interior... ... ... It doesn't matter as it's just a place for us to rest & sleep during the night...

Finally touched down @ Bangkok Airport

On the way to the hotel

Upon reaching the hotel

Charmaine & Me

while waiting for the room key

Me & Charmaine @ the hotel lobby

We've combed Platinuim Mall, Pratunium & other places all in one day and we contacted each other via walkie talkie as it's own time own target shopping spree... This was my 1st time to the malls & I'm amazed by the number of shops there ranging from ladies' fashion clothes to mens' & there's a whole range of shoes & fashionable bags... And most importantly, it's CHEAP!!!!!!!!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH CHEAPER than Singapore... I know many out there had been there many times before so it's nothing new to you... But to me, it is! =P

We've been shopping non-stop since we touched down & we finally decided to walk back to our hotel around 5+pm to get refreshed & headed to Central Mall to continue another round of shopping over @ Naraya... And we finally settled down for our dinner @ Coca Restaurant & we're all famished to the max while waiting for our food to be served... All of us were too tired to take pics & once our food was served, we did not hesitate any longer & started our feast like we had not been eating for many days... Haha...

Me & Valerie

Our shopping loots from Naraya @ Central

Tired look!

Geraldine & Me


Let's get started!!!!!

From this....

to this!!!


We took a slow walk back to the hotel to refresh ourselves again before going for the long-waited programme of the night, Thai traditional full body massage!!! It's really feels like heaven & great when the massuers massaging for us... We almost fell asleep thru'out the 2 hours of massage... Headed back to the hotel after our massage by cabs as it's raining heavily when we ended our session... It's gonna be a cooling night & it's time for us to recharge our batteries in full for tomorrow's shopping spree!!!

Loots from Shopping Spree Day 1


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