Monday, August 4, 2008

Bangkok Trip


Finally the day had arrived... Today's our last day in Bangkok before heading back to Singapore in another 123456789 hours... I gave the breakfast a miss so that I could sleep a little while more longer...

We've requested for late check out & all of us gathered @ Catherine's room... And the ladies should know how to enjoy themselves with soaking their beauty feet with breast milk... Make a guess whose legs are those... There's only 4 of them soaking as I'm the so-called 'photographer' of the day...

You have the answers??











Soaking their beauty feet happily away with breast milk *Courtesy from Maine & Cat*

After checking out, we proceed to the hotel restaurant for our lunch before heading out with Valerie for a last minute shopping @ the wholesale area...

Our last meal @ the hotel restaurant

Managed to get another 2 more tube dresses that I like & I would definitely going back there for more of the dresses...

At the hotel chill-out area while waiting for our Coach to pick us up

Valerie & Me

The coach came to pick us up slightly earlier than the agreed time & we're off to the airport... The journey to the airport seemed to be shorter compared to the 1st day... The JetStar counters not set up yet and that meant it's time for another round of 'cam-whoring' before we check in our flight with JetStar...

At the airport

Our Lugguages

Darren & WY

Waiting to check in

The Ladies

The Gentlemen

I managed to squeeze all my loots that I got thru'out the 4 days into my one & only lugguage & I had a kind of feeling that mine would sure exceed the max 20kg per lugguage checked in... So my heart was kind of heavy when it's my turn to check in & weighed my lugguage & I've already prepared 500 baht to pay for any excess... It's really a relieve that my bloody heavy lugguage still weighed within 20kg... PHEW!

It's still within 20kg after 4 days of shopping spree

This only meant that I could have even buy more than what I've got these 4 days... What a pity... It's ok... I'll be back for MORE shopping spree, and I really mean M-O-R-E!!!

We headed for dinner @ Mango Tree as most of us were hungry... I simply loved their Tom Yam noodles... I loved the soup & the coconut drink was superb!!! The rest had a had time scooping the flesh out while mine was a breeze in scooping... Haha...

My Dinner before leaving Bangkok

And before we proceeded to the gate, I did a quick browse over @ the DFS souvenirs corner & got little prince a cutie Thailand elephant soft toy... The actual purpose was for me to hug when on the flight back to Singapore but it's simply too small to hug... But it will be just nice for little prince...

Little prince's gift from Mummy

Just minutes before we leave Bangkok...

At the waiting area before boarding

Valerie & Me

Geraldine & Me

Darren, Geraldine, Valerie & Me

Valerie, Me & Geraldine

My Boarding Pass

Loots from shopping spree Day 4

I really can't wait to go back to Bangkok again!!! How I wish I could buy half of all the shops stuffs back to Singapore!!!

So it's goodbye for now, Bangkok!!!

But I will be back next year!!!

To Catherine + WY, Charmaine + Sam, Geraldine, Darren & Valerie:

Thanks for this Bangkok trip!!! It's really nice meeting you peeps (Geraldine, Darren & Valerie)!!! Can't wait for our next trip to Taiwan!!!

When's our next Bangkok trip??? Haha!!

To Catherine:

Thanks for doing so much research & planning the itinerary... I greatly appreciated that!!! =)