Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Received a devastating news from 妈咪 yesterday morning (10 mins after I've stepped into the office) that my beloved grandma passed away @ 7.45am... 妈咪 was crying badly that she couldn't even speak properly & I took urgent leave & got 老公 to send me to grandma's place to see her for the last time...

Everyone in the family was so devastated & busy with grandma's funeral matters...

I've brought little prince with me after work today to pay respect to grandma... 爹地 brought little prince to the playground & Kylie (little prince's auntie) followed little prince around while he roamed about... It's his very 1st time playing @ the playground & can see that he's enjoying himself very much...

My little precious

Enjoying himself so much

Mummy & little prince

Kylie 姨姨 & little prince

See his happy face

Look @ how little prince protested when we're leaving the playground? He looked like he's smiling, but he's actually whining...

Well, I'm glad that little prince managed to brighten up all my aunties' & uncles' mood despite of the funeral... =)


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