Sunday, August 17, 2008

Met up with Shirley + Jovan, Shelley + Jexus & Stephiey + Zenden @ Vivo, 2pm... This time round I deliberately left home late with little prince as I knew all of them will not be punctual, based on my previous experiences... But surprisingly Stephiey + Zenden were already there with her Alvin & I reached there around 2+pm almost 3pm... Haha... The other 2 were the USUAL late queens...

We headed to Swensen's for our late lunch after the 2 late queens arrived & all of us were famished by then, except for Stephiey... As usual, the cameras in action while waiting for our food to arrive...

The mummies & their little ones

Jovan's big 'AHHHHH'

Jovan & Shirley

Shelley & Jexus

This is the most classic one... *Sorry Stephiey for posting this up =P *

Zenden & Stephiey

Me & Little prince

The blog owner

We ladies busy eating our lunch while the kiddos making lots of noise with their utensils (banging onto the table) like what little prince's doing... And he seemed totally enjoying himself with those irritating sounds & of cuz me as the mummy will tell him not to do that la...

Simply loved his expressions

We proceeded to the changing room to change their diapers & the cameras were all into action again... The kiddos really enjoying themselves & they sometimes will converse with each other in their own baby languages & little prince was being slightly cranky when we're in the changing room...

The kiddos interacting with each other

Shirley & Me

Shelley & Me

The Mummies

My dearest little prince

He practically screaming @ others for no reasons & I gave him a slap on his little cheek when he's out of control... Of cuz I felt guilty & 心痛 after slapping him, but what's done cannot be undone... I will refrain mtyself from slapping him (on his cheeks) again... Mummy LOVE you!!!

The kiddos simply love this space underneath the basin & they kept going in & out... Jexus even doesn't want to come out from that space when we're about to go...

Had our so-called snacks @ BakerzInn before we head home sweet home... I had very sinful desserts there that I finished TWO cheesecakes!!! It's sooooooooooo sinful yet delicious... YUM YUM!!!

Brought little prince to his godma's hair salon near our place & I've made an appointment for my digital perm this coming Saturday... It's time for my hair to have some nice & good treatment...

Little prince & his beautiful godma

Little prince tried on this polo tee I bought for him from GAP & he's doing his 'modelling'... Haha...


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