Friday, August 15, 2008

Went The Pump Room @ night with my bestie Michelle + her other 2 girlfriends, Gloria & Beverly... It's a early birthday celebration for Gloria as Michelle won't be in town on her actual day... The queue was pretty long but it doesn't took us long to get in...

The 4 Ladies

Gloria ordered 2 bottles of white wine & it TOOK damn long for the glasses to reach us... We kept 'chasing' for the glasses as our bottles from different waiters & their only reason for the delay was that they're short of wine glasses... One of the waiters even tried to give us rock glasses to drink wine... OMFG!!! Can you imagine that???? Rock glass for drinking white wines???

It took them 987654321 years to provide us with the glasses... Look what kind of glasses that they provided us with...

Anyway, we had a few glasses & started enjoying ourselves & took hell lotsa of pics with mine & Michelle's cameras...

My face still look the same after few glasses of wine

Me & my bestie, Michelle

The 3 of them making funny faces, but still looking great!

The 4 of us

Me & Gloria

Me & Beverly

Me & Michelle again

The 4 of us finished that 2 bottles of white wine all within 1 hour before heading down to Boiler Room for more fun with their other friends...

Clarence & Me

Richard & Me

We left about 3+ 4am as my bestie was damn high & drunk & gotta send her back... Well, I do enjoy my night with these lovely peeps & more to come...


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