Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy 31st Birthday, hubby!!!

Today is hubby's birthday... Hubby say he didn't want any celebrations, but I heck care... I did a mini celebration for him... Went Sakae Sushi for hubby's mini celebration... Kayden was well behaved today, maybe he knows today is Daddy's birthday... Supposed to treat hubby for late lunchie one, but in the end I'm the one eating the most... Hubby only had abit only... Anyway, wanted to take some pics for hubby & Kayden but who knows, my digi cam died on me... =( So only when back home, then can use my N80 to take pics for him...

Anyway, today also a gathering with the mummies again... This time round we're having KTV session... After having 2 rounds of clubbing nights, finally something more healthy... will load pics for tonight...

pic of Daddy & Kayden

Pics of the KTV night

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Met up with Charmaine, Catherine, Jessie & kids, & Romi & Amy family for delicious FHB (fish head bee hoon) for lunchie... After that, went Bugis to shop around with Jessie & Denise & Zenson & Amy & Manfred... As Manfred need a haircut, we went down to PS cuz Jessie remembered there's a hair salon for kids called Kids House...When reached there, we couldn't find that shop as part of PS is still under renovation... Went to check with the information counter & found out that the salon no longer there... So went down to United Square to get his hair cut...

Went shop around & got some Baby Fox clothes for Kayden... They are having a kinda promotion for short sleeve tees, shorts & skirts are of 2 + 1, meaning buy 2 get 1 free... Informed Jennifer about it as she also kinda like Baby Fox clothes for her son & didn't know she went down straight after work... Haha... After a while, the kids starts to be cranky liao... Cuz it's feeding & sleeping time... Had Ben & Jerry's ice-cream & fed the kids...
Damage of the day: $39
I wanna find a story book consists of 365 stories so I can read to Kayden 1 story a day... But don't seems to find it... If anyone knows where I can get that, let me know? Thanks in advance...

Anyway took some pics, so let the pics do the talking...

pics of the day & random pics:
"Mummy, what you doing?"

"Mummy, I want that!!!"

"Huh, why take my pic??"

"I can hold my own milk bottle"
"Mummy, I want french fries..."

"Why Adel jie jie carry me??"

Monday, June 25, 2007

Just did something new to my N80 & hubby's Nokia 7610... Gonna do more of that... =)

This is mine!!! =)

This is hubby's one!!! =)

That's our new mobile themes... =D

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Went out very early today with my little prince... Wanted to do my little prince's passport, but it's super duper crowded @ the ICA's public carpark... Had Mac for breakie with girlfriends before headed for @ Central, Clarke Quay... Spent most of my time @ Starbucks, enjoying my fav brownie... Yum Yum!!!

I did something that kinda upset hubby... I got one of his car tyre punctured... don't ask me why, cuz I just don't know why... =( but luckily hubby never scold me... =P

Today my little prince wasn't too cranky, except for his beauty sleep... Took few pics with him with my N80... will upload soon... =)

22nd June 2007

Finally got back my N80!!! Think Nokia should stock up the mobile phones spare parts more than they usually would... I have to wait till f**king long for the spare parts to arrive & to be fixed into my N80... Wanted to bring my little prince to Century Square to collect my phone but decided not to... *no reasons* Anyway, met up with one of my gf for a short coffee...

Thinking of going for a short trip if my financial allows me to do so... I really MISS Hong Kong & especially now they have the DisneyLand *@ least it's cheaper compared to the other DisneyLand*... Used to go Hong Kong every 2 years, but now... =( Have to quickly do my little prince's passport before going on a trip...

Next friday is hubby's birthday!!! Think there won't be any celebration for him cuz I'm going my forum gathering to KTV @ night... *bad wife I am =P* But will go for a nice lunchie with my 2 precious darlings... =)

p/s: will take more pics of my little prince... =P

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

18th June 2007

Met up with Zhuzhu @ Orchard for lunchie & a bit of window shopping... I don't know why the train was super duper packed... And there's some inconsiderate people don't know how to moved inwards, keep standing near the doors & blocking the way for my pram to move in... machaim scared they cannot alight... WTH...

Anyway, had lunchie @ Breeks, as what Zhuzhu suggested... Their fish & chips quite big in portion, but I still managed to finished it... haha... Then Kayden started to get a bit cranky when I just wanna start digging into my lunch... So coaxed him with some plain water... lol... Managed to take pics for Zhuzhu with Kayden... She had seen him 3 times but never managed to take any pics with him... He's very cute lor... Wanted to take pictures with Keidi, but no chance... Haiz... Bidded goodbye with Zhuzhu & took train down to Pasir Ris to meet my gf... After that, went home sweet home...

Pics of the day:

p/s: I know why my 'butterfly' fly away liao... Cuz I accidentally deleted the edited html codes' link from my photobucket a/c... =(

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Something is wrong with my blogskin... I can't see my 'butterfly' (if you're a frequent reader of my blog) anymore... Gotta find a new one to replace... =(

Anyway, this week got nothing to blog... Will do that next week...

If you're an Elmo lover, think you will like the videos... Got it from Ido forum... Enjoy!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Kayden turns 3 months old today!!! Time really flew very fast... 9 months ago, I was still anticipating his arrival... When nearer to Mar 2007, I'm even more anxious towards his arrival... And now, he's already 3 months old... =)

Today brought Kayden for his 1st 5-in-1 jab... His appointment was supposed to be @ 2.15pm, but me. hubby & Kayden was still @ home, *Kayden still in his sarong to be exact*... So had to leave home asap @ 2.30pm to Bedok poly clinic... Before he took the jab, brought him to the poly clinic's PD for his 3 months assessment... Overall, the PD said he's doing fine... =) Kayden's weight now is 7.46kg *WOW* & standing @ 64cm... hmmm, a tall chap ya... =D He didn't cry when the nurse jabbed him, only cry a while after the medication being injected & stopped after the needle was being removed... Anyway, that's my boy!!!

Today also it's my wedding anniversary... Happy 4th Anniversary hubby!! Actually thought of having a nice lunchie with hubby & of cuz my lil' prince, but decided not to as I'm afraid that Kayden will have fever due to the 5-in-1 jab... So we only had KFC for our wedding anniversary... After that, home sweet home...

p/s: pray hard that Kayden will not have fever... & he knows how to flip & loves to baby talk... =D

pics of the day!!

His 1st flip!! *a round of applause*

His 1st shower @ 3 months

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Went Motherhood Fair @ expo with Zhuzhu & her hubby & Keidi & her cousin... Surprisingly, it's not as crowded as I thought... This is the 1st time that I went to Motherhood fair... Wanted to get Nestle Nan 1 HA for Kayden but Zhuzhu told me that there's no Nan 1 HA on the shelves... They have all the stocks there except for Nan 1 HA... Haiz...

Walked around & bought a swim nappy for Kayden, cuz I'm bringing him to Wild Wild Wet this Sat... =) Saw Sandy (my ex-colleague) @ the fair too... She's surprised that I've given birth when she saw Kayden... And so coincidence that she also gave birth in the same month as me... Must find one day to date her out for coffee with our little ones... Went John Little sales but nothing much... So headed to BK for lunchie with them... Took a few pics of Keidi & she was very happy when taking pics... But Kayden was very cranky, keep crying for nothing... maybe the weather too humid le... =( Bidded goodbye with them & waited for hubby to pick me up...

Presenting pics of Zhuzhu's missy, Keidi

Isn't she a sweetie pie??

p/s: I should take more of my little darling's pics... Hmm....