Sunday, February 28, 2010

Had a very fun night with Shirley, Jimmy, Jacqueline & Samuel @ Crew Room! Though my meetup with them was a short on last night, I still enjoyed myself!

Went Lunar with Sweetheart Sindy & Deardear Charlene came down after her work with her friends...

Photos of me & sweetheart

Simply love this photo alot!!! Especially the effect!

Went Social House after Lunar & end the morning with breakfast @ Chinatown!

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Now chilling out Crew Room with Shirley, Jimmy, Jacqueline & Samuel... Waiting for Sweetheart Sindy to come...

Maybe heading to Lunar later with Sweetheart to look for Andrew & friends..

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Devil's body developed into rashes for unknown reasons...

Brought him to see a doctor early this morning @ CGH... By the time the doctor attended to him, his rashes subsided...

Doctor was saying it might be some bed bugs...

Hopefully the rashes will not come back again...

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My blog is ALIVE once again!!!

Just went to get my acrylic infill done... Gonna change to gel overlay in 2 weeks' time!!!

Here's my new nails!!!

Simply love my nails!

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