Friday, November 30, 2007

老公 sent me to MRT station as I'm pretty late for my appointment with Nadia for manicure & pedicure @ Tiong Bahru Plaza... Supposed to meet Nadia @ 3.15pm, but I'm still @ Tanah Merah station @ that time... Went straight to Nail Palace to look for her & also get my nails done... It's been super duper long that I last did my nails... Think the last time that I did mani & pedi was like 2 years ago... Walked around the premises & I dropped my phone accidentally & the paint kinda came off abit... 好心痛喔 as it's only less than 1 month old... =(

Left to meet Aiko @ Bugis... Went walking around while waiting for Stephiey & Cynthia to join us after their work... Accompanied Aiko to get her contact lenses & shopped for my office clothes... Saw a dress @ BYSI & I tried it on & LOVE it instantly... It's so office wear lor... Was thinking to get red or black, but still prefer black... Got that dress using $30 Capitaland voucher & paid $29 in cash... Stephiey arrived shortly followed by Cynthia + Eddie... Stephiey also bought a dress from BYSI & changed to that instantly... 真受不了她...

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Crossed over to Bugis Village to continue my hunt for office wear, but nothing caught my eyes & after shopped there for awhile, headed to Fish & Co for dinner... Had a great time chatting with my dearies & cannot imagined that we stayed there till almost closing time... Cynthia + Eddie left 1st while Aiko & me went to get a cab home as it's pretty late & Stephiey's hubby came to pick her up... Initially wanted to get a cab @ the Hotel taxi stand, but it seemed like no cab driving in... So me & Aiko intended to get a cab along the roadside but still no cabs in sight... We resorted to on call for cab & went home sweet home seperately...

Our dinner

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Calamari - NICE & YUMMY!

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See the difference??

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Soup of the Day

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Our (Me, Stephiey & Eddie) dinner

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Aiko's dinner
To Nadia:
Thanks for the day, although it's a short meetup! Join us in workforce soon! =)
To Aiko, Cynthia & Stephiey:
Thanks for the evening & dinner! Enjoyed myself with you dearies! =)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today brought little prince to shop for my working clothes... Sent 老公 & bil to IL's office then drove to town as I need to change a top that I've bought yesterday... Initially wanted to go Far East to shop for clothes, but as little prince haven't had his milk, drove over to Taka as I LOVE their Nursing Room...

After feeding, went shopping around for clothes... Saw one blouse that's very nice, but it's kinda ex just for a blouse... It cost almost $70... Almost wanted to buy on impluse, but decided not to as I can buy 2 tops for that kind of price... Went to hunt for organiser as my current job need one... Saw a few designs I like but the price range was not within my budget... Then saw one Elmo schedule planner, but it doesn't look abit professional la... Then saw a blue organiser that's within my tight budget, the interior looks ok to me, except for some flowery thingy...

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When I'm done with my organiser hunting, bumped into my girlfriend Dorothy & her daughter Tiffany... It's been quite a while since I last saw her... She slimmed down sooooooooooooooooooooooo much & I really envy her... She's always had a great sense in dressing & if others see her, will NOT believe that she's a mother of 2... * ENVY ENVY *

Walked over to Wisma to get my top changed as there's some defaults... Got another top from the same section that I've bought yesterday & I collected my Isetan privilege card, as well as Cynthia's... Had my super late lunchie over @ McDonald's & left for IL's office to fetch my 2 loves of my life...

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My working clothes

Tomorrow meeting Nadia for manicure & later in the evening meeting Stephiey, Aiko & Cynthia after their work... It's a meet-my-dearies day... =D

3 more days to my new job! WOOHOO~
Today went to sign my appointment letter with that real estate company... Drove 老公 & little prince to ILs office before I headed down to town... It started to pour heavily & by the time I reached Paradiz Centre, it's raining cats & dogs...

My appointment was scheduled @ 2.30pm with Irene... After signing the appointment letter, I was requested to do a body checkup @ the appointed clinic @ Parklane Shopping Centre & followed by an X-ray over @ Peace Centre... By the time I'm done with all the check up thingy, it's already 4+pm & drove over to Plaza Singapura to collect $80 voucher from CapitaLand on behalf of mil... Saw my ex-boyfriend, Randy when I'm walking over to Parklane for the checkup... He couldn't recognised me @ all... I didn't say hi to him & proceeded with my things... He didn't changed much & it's been closed to 13 years since I last saw him... So I'm not surprised that he couldn't recognise me...

Jennifer from the agency called & told me that Company B (a digital printing firm) had shortlisted me & willing to offer me with the position of Customer Service Executive... That company offered me a salary package of $1.9K... But I told Jennifer that I'd already signed the appointment letter with the real estate company & I rejected that Company B's offer... A while later, Anna from that digital firm called me & asked me if I willng to reconsider the job offer... Well, if she called me earlier anytime before 2.30pm, I might consider taking up that job as it's much more nearer to my place... But since I'd already signed the appointment letter, it's not so nice to call the real estate company to decline their offer... Anna gave me her number just incase that I find that job with the real estate not suitable for me, the digital firm will still open their door for me... Well, I shall see how it goes then, but I'm sure I'm sticking to the real estate company... haiz~ this is the 1st time that got 2 companies want to employ me...

After collected the vouchers, headed back to ILs office to fetch 老公, little prince & bil... Had my dinner there before I headed downtown to meet Cynthia... Supposed to drive but due to the time constraint (as sending them back home & head down town gonna take more than 1 hour), asked 老公 to send me to MRT station & took a train down... Went shopping around while waiting for Cynthia to come over to meet me... I need to shop for new working clothes as my new company doesn't allow spaghetti strips or tube tops...

Went over to Pepperplus as it's kinda worth the price, 20% off 2nd item... Cynthia & her colleague joined me shortly... Got a pair of pants & a jacket for $68... Went Isetan as Cynthia also wanted to get more clothes for work... Saw a tube dress & I LOVE it very much, but it's $69.90 (abit expensive)... Almost wanted to get that dress but decided not to as I saw something else that I like... Bought a white blouse & also applied for the Isetan privilege card for only $10 for 2 years... But the processing of the card took sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long that me & Cynthia got kind of pissed with their services & I told them to mail it to us... I rather use that time to browse for clothes rather than staying there to wait for them to fixed up that stupid printing machine... duh~ Since Cynthia need to rush home, we decided to call it for a day & headed home sweet home...

I'm gonna continue shopping for my working clothes tomorrow as well as friday & I'm gonna bring little prince with me tomorrow for shopping...

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SAD! When I went for my body checkup today, they weighed me & I'm 54.2kg, standing @ 157cm... I was soooooooooooo damn sad lor, my pre-preggie weight was only 46-47kg... I WANT MY PRE-PREGGIE WEIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL MY WISH COME TRUE????????????????

To Cynthia & colleague:

Thanks for your time today! =)

My X'mas wish this year:


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today when I'm preparing to go for my 2nd interview with Company B @ Lavender, the real estate development's HR dept called me & sort of hinted that I'm being selected for the job, just that they need to call up my previous companies to do a check... I was like pretty happy about that news but still, would rather be 100% sure if my agency called me & break the good news to me... So I still went for my 2nd interview in case I didn't get into that real estate company...

Almost late for the interview as it's raining damn heavily when 老公 & I stepped out of the house... 老公 sent me there & waited for me... Company B, as usual, have to wait for @ least 15 mins before the manager can see me... The whole interview took almost 1 hour... The salary that they can offer is way too low as what I've expected, but the commission was very attractive... So if add up will be within the range of salary I want... But I still prefer the real state company, so am keeping my fingers crossed that I will hear good news from my agency...

Met Cynthia for lunchie @ Cineleisure together with one of her colleague... After lunchie, I went walked around before heading to Bugis to collect something on behalf of mil... Upon reaching Bugis, I suddenly realised that forgot to asked mil to sign on the authorised letter... So when on the way back to Kembangan to meet 老公,my agency called to break the good news to me, informing me that I'm being employed by that real estate company & asking me to start work on Monday! They can give what I expect for salary... Gotta get new working clothes as some of my pre-preggie clothes can't fit in... See, I'm really damn fat lor... Gonna see that slimming doctor that Aiko, Xiaoxue & Stephiey dearies are seeing soon...


To Stephiey dearie:
Thanks for recommending your agency to me! MUACKZ!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Today went for my another interview with a real estate company & the position that I'm applying is Admin Assistant... It's located @ Paradiz Centre & it's actually a very big firm... 老公 actually want me to drive there for my interview, but I declined that as it's raining & that means I have to send 老公 & little prince to IL's office... So 老公 sent me to my interview...

There's 2 person interviewing me & the way they described the job scope seemed very interesting & it's actually something that I longed to try out... They're quite impressed with my performance (I would say) & they actually asked any companies persuing me & I said no... I kinda regret for saying that cuz I really want to get that job... As for the salary wise, they're quite okay with the amount I stated in my application & they will get back to me within these few days... They need to work something out with their HR department about the salary... So, I would say my chances of getting this job is roughly about 60%? * KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED *

My agency (recommended by Stephiey dearie) called me up to inform me that Company B (located @ Lavender) shortlisted me for a 2nd round of interview tomorrow @ 10.30am! Was sooooooooooo HAPPY lor! @ least is the company that I prefer shortlisted me... Although I will STILL prefer the job that I went today, but I will still keep my options open & in case this real estate company doesn't employ me, @ least I have another choice... Lol... =P

Pics of my little prince

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I'm loving my eyebrows now... It's so natural & that colour not that dark when I 1st do... The skin peeled off totally... Now my makeup time is only less than 10 mins, including falsies... =)

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My overall look today

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Woke up @ 2+pm as I watched that The Drive of Life till very late... Quickly got myself prepared as well as little prince to 妈咪's place... Went OG with 妈咪 & 爹地 as she want to get a new bag for herself... So our 1st stop was Robinson (as I parked there)... Passed by a spectecles shop & I saw a pair of shades that I like very much... The usual price of the specs is almost $40, but it's selling only $18... I know that kind of specs can get it like $10 or so, but I still like it la... =P

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妈咪 went in to Lee Hwa next to the specs shop & she even asked me to choose a new pair of diamond earrings for myself... I was like, "Oh my god! WooHoo~ You're gonna buy me diamonds again?" Then while I'm choosing the earrings, 妈咪 spotted a diamond bracelet (with diamond all round) & asked me to try it on... I thought she wanted to get for herself so I didn't think much & tried it on... But she preferred it in gold (as she's a gold lover, typical auntie) & that SA showed her a exactly same bracelet as the white gold one... It cost $10K for that gold bracelet... OMFG! $10K for a bracelet??? I can buy sooooooooooo many LV & Gucci bags & also LOTS of clothes & toys for little prince with that $10K... 妈咪 actually buying that bracelet for me & not for herself... That's a very good deal as it's only $2+K after discount as the usual price was $7+K... * Super Duper HAPPY ME *
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Thereafter, went S-11 behind Robinson to have our dinner... Walked over to OG building as 妈咪 wanted to get a bag... Walked around the bag department & she finally found a bag that she like... She even said want me to get a new bag for CNY... But to me, I still prefer to buy either Gucci or LV tote bags... Then one tote bag from Renoma caught my eyes... It's big enough to put little price's barang barang when I bring him out or visiting... But I can only get it @ $29 with any purchase of Renoma or Pierre Cardin's products... 妈咪's still the best... Knowing that I like that tote bag, she bought a wallet as she wanted to change her current wallet too... So I GOT that bag! YAY!

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妈咪 also wanted to buy new pair of shoes for little prince as she said little prince's current one kinda small & stained... Bought this pair of shoes @ $15.90...

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She also bought this Notebook Computer English Learner for little prince... Although little prince is still too young to learn that, but still it's just a toy for him to play with now... Maybe later when he grow older & start learning in childcare, then will teach him that... For the current moment, it's only for him to play... Cuz whenever I'm using the computer, he will sure want to lay his hands on the keyboard... So @ least that notebook can keep him away from me... hehe... The notebook even comes with a mouse too... Even my mil thought it's a real notebook that can surf the net... But I will say that it's more for me to play than little prince as it's really very interesting... =D

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After having shopped for almost 4 hours, we decided to go home sweet home... I'm sooooooo HAPPY today! 妈咪 still asked me whether I want a diamond pendant to complete my collection, then I told her that I no longer wear necklace & I also don't want her to spend too much money on me... Anyway, I got this exclusive GAP crazy stripe notebook with $0 amount... It's a christmas gift from GAP to their members... It's pretty handy to me, especially when I start to work (hopefully soon)...

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To 妈咪:

Thanks for the diamond earrings & bracelet & also the ring that you bought for me 2 weeks back... I LOVE YOU TO THE MAX!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Today supposed to go Keidi's 1st birthday... But due to some unforeseen circumstances, didn't went in the end...

Rented a HK drama, 岁月风云 The Drive of Life... It's a 60 episodes series & it's similar to the 溏心风暴 Heart of Greed... Heart of Greed is about family ties in fighting for assets, and as for The Drive of Life is... I'm still watching la... Tell you peeps later... hehe... Stay tune then...

To Keidi:
Happy Birthday sweetie pie!
To Julia:
Sorry for not attending... =(

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lunchie with Charmaine & Catherine @ Sakae Sushi, Funan the IT mall @ 12.30pm... Initially wanted to drive down, but took a cab instead as 老公 need to use the car... Didn't bring little prince along with me as I'm going for a hair trim & also shopping with Cynthia + Eddie later in town...

Reached there around 12.40pm & bumped into Charmaine @ the Sakae entrance... The waiter showed us the way to our table & Charmaine almost immediately took one dish from the belt... They have couple of new varieties & it's simply YUMMYLICIOUS... Catherine arrived a while later & we ordered more sushi... I didn't know now the Hana maki from 4 makis reduced to 3 & the price from $6.50++ per red plate to $4.90++... Our total bill was $40+++ & that waiter missed out one plate, so one plate less from our bill... LOL...

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We had a great time munching & gossiping & I really feel like going thru's the pregnancy journey once again... Seeing the both of them pregnant with their 2nd child, I really can't wait for my turn... But I still have to wait till next year before I can have my #2... We had lunch for nearly one & a half hour & we decided to leave... Went over to Delifrance as Charmaine & Catherine wanted to get some snacks before they go back to work... We saw Michelle Chia, Yao Yi Shan @ delifrance... Michelle Chia is really a PRETTY BABE! She's tall & slim, I really wish I can be like that her, so tall & slim... Took a cab down to Wisma with Charmaine...

I decided to have a hair trim while waiting for Cynthia + Eddie to arrive... I couldn't find any hair salon @ Wisma & went over to Taka... Initially wanted to walk over to Far East Plaza to get my hair trimmed, but I'm afraid that Cynthia + Eddie will reached anytime soon, so I just settled for Reds... Kinda regret with my deicison as the charges there are like DAMN EX lor... Imagine I'm paying $48++ for that kinda of length trimmed (barely only 2 inch being trimmed off & abit of side fringe), it's SUPER DUPER not worth lor... I will NEVER go back there for another hair trimmed... DUH~

By the time that I'm done with that expensive hair trimming, Cynthia + Eddie still not here yet... So I went to the Taka Toys Fair to look @ the toys as I'm thinking of getting some for little prince... There's a Sesame Street X'mas stageplay (or whatever you people called it) & I was just in time to catch it while waiting for them... It's my 1st time seeing my all-time favorite character, Elmo is real life... Elmo's really cute! Managed to take some pics & even a short video of the play...

Went over to Wisma to meet them over @ Topshop... Then Cynthia's shopping spree began...We 'comb' nearly 1/2 the shops in Wisma before headed down to Cineleisure for dinner... I bought another 3 pairs of falsies from DoDo... Thereafter, went Bugis Village as Eddie wanted to look @ bags & we shopped around the premises... Then, I bought another 3 pairs of falsies again... YES! I'm a falsies lover! I want to get MORE!

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Took this when waiting for train

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Cynthia edited it... NICE! * THANKS CYN DEARIE *

We had drinks @ Mos Burger before we decided to go over to Nadia's place for mahjong session... Wanted to take a cab back to my place to get the car, but looking @ the queue @ the taxi stand, I suggested to take train back as it would be faster than waiting for cab... By the time we reached Nadia's place, it's already 12am... I didn't play mahjong, but I still enjoyed myself to the fullest!!!

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My collection of falsies!

I've calculated that I had 14 different designs of falsies ranging from natural to volumes one... I'm still waiting for the falsies from Cynthia & LJ's spree to arrive to my doorstep... When will it ARRIVE???

To Charmaine & Catherine:

Thanks for the lunchie companion! Enjoyed myself!

To my ladies:

Thanks for the night of mahjong, even though I didn't play... I fully ENJOYED myself!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Today went of my eyebrow embroidery @ Allure Beauty... My appointment's @ 1.30pm Tiong Bahru Plaza... Drove down instead of taking train... The beautician brought me to the dressing table & started to work on my eyebrows... It took a while for her to finalise a suitable brow shaped for me... I was actually very 紧张 about the embroidery, as I was wondering will it look natural? will it look nice on me? I even smsed my friends whether I should do the embroidery, cuz I'm kinda frickle-minded on it... But I still decided to go for it...

The whole duration was about 2.5 hours... It's a very weird feeling with many pairs of eyes looking @ me when that beautician do the shape... Even when she started working on my brows, there's a couple of the beauty students looking @ the process... She applied 麻醉药 on my brows for 20 mins before 她在我的眉毛上"开刀"... It was a painless process & only occassionally some stinging feeling when she reapplied the 麻醉药 for a 2nd round of 'operating' on my brows... I need to do a touch-up 2-3 weeks later as the dolour will fade as days go by... The colour now looked too dark & made my face looked more fierce than before... I only felt that my brows are not arched enough... Didn't took any pic 'before' but I did take a pic of 'after'... She even asked me to do eyeliner embroidery, but I didn't reply her as I'm afraid of pain... Should I do eyeliner embroidery too? Hmm....

The 'after' look

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Does my left brow (meaning your right facing the PC) look weird @ the end?

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An overall of me

Anyone interested to do eyebrow embroidery? Allure Beauty are still looking for models to do FOC... Kindly tag me if you're interested...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks for chauffeuring me around for my interviews!
Today is my interviewing day!

Woke up @ 8+am as my 1st interview was @ 10.30am with Company A... 老公 bought breakfast for me & I had that before I headed down for that interview... 老公 sent me for my 1st interview & it's only less than 10 mins drive from my place... I was 15 mins earlier for my interview & the moment I stepped out of the lift (level 3), I can basically see the whole department, 一目了然... But that company owns the whole building la... It's a freight-forwarding company & it's one of the biggest in the world... The person supposed to interview me was on MC, so his colleague took over... The way that interviewer described the job scope to me seemed STRESS & she kept repeating the same things again & again... The benefits' good & the working hours Mon - Thurs 8.30am - 6.30pm & Fri 8.30am- 5.30pm... There's transportation provided to nearby places to eat & also @ MRT stations... Hmm... Not bad ya, got transport... My 1st interview lasted for about 1 hour 15 mins & headed home while waiting for my 2nd interview @ 2pm...

Chatted with my ladies & Charmaine, Eunice, Catherine & Darren on msn while waiting for time to pass... Whenever I'm online, there's always something that glued me to the PC... I was nearly late for my 2nd interview... 老公 sent me down again & I was like only 5 mins earlier... * PHEW * Well, Company B is a digital printing firm & I like the office layout... Very cosy & most of the staffs there conversed in cantonese... I waited for like almost 45 mins to an hour for my interviewer to be back... Called up the agency to postpone my 3rd interview to a later time as I don't know when my 2nd interview will start... Surprisingly, the 2nd interview was pretty fast... The interviewer only looked thru' my resume & told me briefly about the post & THAT'S IT... Then talked about my son & his son... LOL... They will let me know earliest by next week if I'm shortlisted for a 2nd round of interview by the BOSS... Hopefully they called me back for another round of interview cuz I kinda like the environment there & the salary wise, it's what I want...

老公 came back & picked me up & bought lunch for me... * 爱死你了, 老公 * He sent me down to Company C for interview & waited @ the premises for me... Company C concept is like Company A, 一目了然 & Company C own the whole building too... Company C is dealing with hardware stuffs & it's a family business... The job scope is basically something similar to my last job & they can match my expected salary... YAY! And after 3 months probation, mostly likely will have an increment of $100 - $200... Yeah Baby! More $$$$$$$$$$ coming my way PLEASE!!! BUT... They are moving to another new building in Sin Ming next year... It's damn far for me lor... =( I'm still WAITING for the one located in Orchard! But I will keep my options open... Maybe a good & prospective job is coming my way??? LOL...

Going for eyebrow embroidery tomorrow!!! @ least it will end the hassle of having to draw... Stay tune for my pic! =)

I'll be joining you dearies SOON in workforce! Look out for me ok!
To Charmaine:
Hopefully I will get the job in Orchard! Then SURE meet you for LUNCHIE & GOSSIPS!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today is my interviews with 2 agencies... Woke up pretty early & went for breakfast with 老公 as he suggested... After breakfast, chat with my ladies awhile before I prepared myself for the interviews... 老公 & little prince were taking a morning nap & I snapped a pic of the daddy & son...

Rushed out of the house @ 1.20pm as I'm running late for my 2pm interview... 老公 sent me straight to International Plaza & saw my 小姨 @ the lift lobby... She couldn't recognised me initially, but when I walked closer to her then she's surprised to see me there... Agnes from Personnel Connection interviewed me & arranged an interview @ Changi South tomorrow @ 10.30am... It's a Customer Service Coordinator position... Well, the benefits in that Company A was kinda attractive & the proposed salary was only $100 lesser than my expected salary... Her colleague, Jennifer also arranged another interview for me with Company B @ Kallang Ave @ 2pm... It's a Customer Service Executive position & the proposed salary that she got for me is more than what I expected... The locations of both Company A & B was in the East, which will be more convenient for me... Jonathan, her other colleague also arranged an interview with Company C @ Kim Keat Road @ 4pm... It's a Sales Coordinator position & the proposed salary was what I expected... But the location seemed kinda far for me... I will still give it a try, although I preferred the position of A/C Credit Officer located @ Orchard... Keeping fingers crossed that Agnes will arrange an interview with that company located @ Orchard soon, so that everyday will be a shopping day for me after work... * Day-Dreaming Me *

Went BurgerKing to have a drink & also some fries as it's still early for my another interview with a agency @ Maxwell House... Decided to walk over to Maxwell House as the rain gonna stop & I was early for my that interview... Clarrisa interviewed me & said will send my application to her clients straight away... The 2 jobs that she's offering me sounds interesting... She will get back to me once her clients revert to her...

Tomorrow will be a BUSY day for me! BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Didn't went for my interviews today... I've postponed it to tomorrow as I developed fever this morning... It's so unbearable, especially with pounding headache... Been resting the whole day, but that stupid pounding headache doesn't seems to go away... Luckily the fever seemed to subside... Now developing into cough...

Little prince also seemed to get abit better... His fever was gone, but his cough doesn't seemed to get any better... Now when feeding him the medicine is the BIGGEST challenge now... Yesterday he already started to reject when he saw that syringe coming near his mouth... He kept struggling & refused to budge... =(

Tomorrow going for the agencies interview in the afternoon... Good luck to myself!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm really lacking of my beauty sleep man... Yesterday went Changi Hospital around 12+am as my mum's complaining that her left knee cap's very pain & couldn't walk... By the time we're done with the consultation & collection of medicine, it's already 2+am & when I reached home, it was 3+am!!! OMG!!!

Went back to 妈咪's place as it's Sunday... It's the normal routine that I've been doing every Sunday... Rested for awhile before going over to my granny's place, and thereafter my 姑姐's (pronounce in Cantonese) place...

Again, little prince was the centre of attention... Stayed @ granny's place for about an hour plus before driving up to my aunt's place in Ang Mo Kio... It's been like donkey years since I last went to my aunt's place... Think my last trip there was like when I'm still in primary school... My cousins & my aunt enjoyed playing with little prince & took some pics with him...

After that, we drove over to Far East Plaza as I want to find clothes for my interviews tomorrow as I DO NOT have any clothes that I could wear to the interview... I really put on weight after I gave birth... Even my relatives told me so... I'M SO SAD! I only managed to find one dress that's suitable for interview & I got a top too... Both courtesy by my 妈咪... * Thanks 妈咪*

Little prince had been coughing the whole day & initially I thought he did in on purpose... But 妈咪 told me that little prince was kinda feverish & commented that he might be sick... I was also kinda sick almost the same time as little prince... I'm having flu & sore throat... So while on the way home, I decided to bring little prince to a doctor as tomorrow I might not have the time to bring him... The doctor said that little prince was having slight fever & also have phelgm... So he gave 3 kinds of medicine for little prince, 1 is solely for phelgm, 1 is for fever & 1 is for cough & phelgm & it cost $18... Got 老公 to bring little prince back home & I sent my parents home...

Wish me luck for my interviews tomorrow! =)


Saturday, November 17, 2007

I hate waking 老公 up, cuz it's like 'killing' him... I need to wake him up many times before he totally woke up... And I hate it most when I'm rushing for time... I meeting one organiser from LJ to collect our (Shirley, Josephine & me) loots... It's a oversized shades that cost only $6... Supposed to meet her @ 2pm, but ALL cuz of 老公, I had to meet her around 3.05pm... Initially wanted to take a train down with little prince, but I told 老公 straight to send me to Plaza Singapura as I'm really running late... Luckily I was there on time & collected the loots...

Took a train down to City Hall to meet little prince's Josephine godma & Jackson godpa @ Suntec... Was hesitating whether to take a cab or train... Ended up still decide to take a train as I wanna save money... Went window shopping with them once we met up & little prince kept wanting his godpa to carry him... Went to have some drinks & dessert while waiting for one of Josephine's colleague as we're going to a BBQ organised by her department (actually I'm only tagging along)... Jackson fed little prince 'some' ice-cream to taste & little prince loved it alot... Only managed to take one pic of little prince & his godpa...

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Little prince's 1st pic with Godpa

Once after her colleague arrived, we headed down to East Coast Park for the bbq... While @ the bbq, little prince was kinda throwing tantrums... He kept crying when people tried to play with him or when people talked too loud (meaning abot high pitch in tone)... Really cannot tahan him... Only when his godpa carried him, then he's back to normal... DUH! Anyway, met Charmaine + Sam + Adel & Catherine + WY + Janine for a meal @ the Geylang 油条大王... Catherine came & picked me and we proceeded with our plans while waiting for Charmaine to arrive... We had the famous 牛肉 horfun as I had nothing to eat @ 油条大王... Anyway, I had a great time with them & also great food both in the noon & night...


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Janine with Mummy & Daddy

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Adel hugging Janine

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Where's Janine pointing?
To Josephine & Jackson:
Thanks for the day! Little prince really did enjoy himself! =)
To Charmaine & Catherine families:
Thanks for the night & yummy food! Meet more often ok? =P