Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm really lacking of my beauty sleep man... Yesterday went Changi Hospital around 12+am as my mum's complaining that her left knee cap's very pain & couldn't walk... By the time we're done with the consultation & collection of medicine, it's already 2+am & when I reached home, it was 3+am!!! OMG!!!

Went back to 妈咪's place as it's Sunday... It's the normal routine that I've been doing every Sunday... Rested for awhile before going over to my granny's place, and thereafter my 姑姐's (pronounce in Cantonese) place...

Again, little prince was the centre of attention... Stayed @ granny's place for about an hour plus before driving up to my aunt's place in Ang Mo Kio... It's been like donkey years since I last went to my aunt's place... Think my last trip there was like when I'm still in primary school... My cousins & my aunt enjoyed playing with little prince & took some pics with him...

After that, we drove over to Far East Plaza as I want to find clothes for my interviews tomorrow as I DO NOT have any clothes that I could wear to the interview... I really put on weight after I gave birth... Even my relatives told me so... I'M SO SAD! I only managed to find one dress that's suitable for interview & I got a top too... Both courtesy by my 妈咪... * Thanks 妈咪*

Little prince had been coughing the whole day & initially I thought he did in on purpose... But 妈咪 told me that little prince was kinda feverish & commented that he might be sick... I was also kinda sick almost the same time as little prince... I'm having flu & sore throat... So while on the way home, I decided to bring little prince to a doctor as tomorrow I might not have the time to bring him... The doctor said that little prince was having slight fever & also have phelgm... So he gave 3 kinds of medicine for little prince, 1 is solely for phelgm, 1 is for fever & 1 is for cough & phelgm & it cost $18... Got 老公 to bring little prince back home & I sent my parents home...

Wish me luck for my interviews tomorrow! =)



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