Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today woke up @ 12pm as I'm bringing little prince over to 妈咪's place... Little prince didn't had his morning nap... He simply refused to nap when mil patted him... So since I'm going over to 妈咪's place, I told mil that no need to pat him sleep, will let him sleep when reached there...

妈咪 cooked porridge for little prince & had his nap for almost 2+ hours... 妈咪 went to take a nap too as she's quite tired & me watching SCV programs... I realised there's alot of TVB dramas I have not seen... Saw abit of 随时候命 & I love the casts... Haiz, too bad my place don't have SCV as 老公 not into it... 妈咪 & 爹地 take turns to get ready as I'm abit lazy of taking care of little prince when I'm back home... Normally I will 'dump' little prince to my parents cuz I 'finally' had my own free time without looking after him & also let him interact with my parents as he only gets to see them once a week, or even once 2weeks (if 妈咪's working)... So @ least I'm free for that while lor... what a bad mummy I am... =P

We're deciding of where to go, cuz we're running out of ideas of places to go... So we decided to head down to Suntec City as 妈咪 had been saying wanted to go there walk walk weeks back... I was so silly lor, I drive in & out the carpark cuz I followed blindly... LOL... 我太笨了吧... 哈哈... Anyway, we headed to the food court 1st as they're hungry & also need to feed little prince... Went walking around aimlessly as we had nothing much in mimd to buy except for the pressies my 妈咪 gonna buy for me... *我太高兴了, 谢谢您妈咪*

Went Carrfoure (think wrong spelling, but who cares) as 妈咪 wanted to take a look @ DS Lite... YES! A DS Lite! Cuz she wanna get one HERSELF! My 妈咪 still damn in right? 哈哈... 妈咪是个老顽童... 爹地 saw a mobile car that cost $188++ that comes with a remote control, cuz the SA was demostrating it... Before 爹地 go asked about the price, I already told him it's about $100+ range one lor... The this sort of tricycle caught my eyes!

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Little prince 的新车

I've been wanting to get this kind for little prince but always forgot to check out the price... 妈咪 also kinda like it & it's cheap too... It's only $39.90... Little prince simply love sitting on his new car & he didn't make any fuss of wanting to be carried... Even 妈咪 also surprised & little prince was looking around his surrounding... 爹地 even got lost as 妈咪 & me walked to find the nursing room there... Hmm, it seems like eversince they renovated the place, the nursing room not there anymore... Even the staffs also don't know where it had shifted... 妈咪 bought little prince that tricycle & pushed little prince in his newly found love to the nursing room level 3 (next to Toys 'R' Us) to change his diaper as he pooed... After changing, we went home sweet home shortly...

老公 was surprised to see little prince's newly found love... Little prince SIMPLY LOVE IT...

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See how HAPPY he is!

Now I'm in a dilemma... I have 2 choices now...

1. A diamond ring (0.38 - 0.48 ct) + a bag


2. A new mobile phone + a bag

I'm thinking of getting a Coach bag, but those designs I like is not within the budget of $400 or less... So what should I do?? Which one should I choose? Can someone help me in deciding? hmm...


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