Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just came back from Nadia's place after 2 rounds of mahjong... Supposed to be there @ 10pm but I only reached there about 10+pm... I nearly lost my way to her place... Anyway, we started our 1st round of mahjong @ 11pm...

The mahjong khakis:

1. Stephiey + Alvin
2. Cynthia + Eddie
3. Nadia + Tianfu (the host of the day)
4. Me

Alvin, Eddie, Tianfu & me started our 1st round of mahjong while my ladies chit-chatting... Had lotsa fun with them & especially Alvin... He kept telling 冷笑话, although a bit lame, but still quite fun... Our 1st round took a long time to finish as each of us 'diao 庄' many times, especially me during the last 北风... By the time we finished the 1st round, it was almost coming 2am & my ladies waited for their turn to play till they almost wanna sleep... * Sorry for the long wait, my ladies *

So we started our 2nd roound of mahjong while the hubbies started their 大老二 & 二十一点(blackjack)... I must say Cynthia do have luck in majhong & the 万字 kept following her & she gamed a few of 清一色... The lady luck was on her side, but not on my side though... Playing halfway thru her gastrics giving her problem & also all of us were sleepy... Luckily our 2nd round ended in about 2 hours time... In the end, I lost $29 & Stephiey & Cynthia were the big winners... Nadia only lost $3... Supposed to have breakfast with Stephiey + Alvin & Cynthia + Eddie, but didn't as Cynthia wanted to head home to sleep & I also need to rush back to feed little prince...

To Nadia dearie + Tianfu:
Thanks for the night & also opening your place for us to play mahjong as well as chit chat!
To my 3 ladies, Nadia, Cynthia & Stephiey:
Thanks for the night & I truly enjoyed myself! More of these please!
To all:
Sorry to kept you people waiting as I was late!


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