Friday, October 19, 2007

The day has come!!! The most saddest day of my life!!!

Today it's 阿公's cremation day... He passed away peacefully on 15th Oct 2007 @ 2.02am... It's really been a hectic week for me... These few days been almost sleepless nights for me, reason being I've stayed awake thru'out the night @ the wake till the next morning 7+am then 老公, bil & I went back home to rest before coming back to help out in the evening... Abit of the hiccups along the way which could have resulted into a very big matter just because of an idiotic person who's trying to stir up trouble... It's someone who's so 小心眼(don't know if I used correctly) & trying to make a big fuss over a tiny winy matter... It's not the 1st time that the person trying to stir up trouble... The same thing happened in November 2003 when grandmother-in-law passed away... Why that person just don't learnt the lesson? WTF!!!

Anyway, I didn't sleep for more than 24 hours since Thursday evening 5+pm... Cuz as usual, I stayed awake during the night to help look after the wake & this morning to bid farewell 阿公 forever... So there's no time for me to rest @ all & I'm really surprised that I can stay awake for sooooooo long... After the last ritual & pay our last respect to 阿公 in the morning, off we went Mandai Crematorium with our heavy heart... My ILs were the most affected ones as they're the ones who's closest to 阿公 & 阿婆... While waiting to collect his ashes in the afternoon, we went to the temple that my ILs always frequent to set up a 灵位 for 阿公 & also to have our lunch before going back to Mandai to collect the ashes...

阿公's final home is @ Mandai, together with his 1st wife... All of us went back to 阿公's place to settle the 白金 & the rest of 阿公's stuffs before heading home... I knocked out almost immediately after I had my shower & updated this entry...