Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today, my 宝贝 little prince turns 7 months!!!!!!!!!!

A quick update on what he has achieved so far...

- his 1st 2 little teeth already on it's way out from the lower gum

- loves to laugh alot when playing 'peek-a-poo'

- he started saying 'mum mum' = eat

- started to crawl on fours, but sometimes still glide when he's lazy

- can pull him up from sitting position to standing position

- can free stand for less than 1 min w/o support

- enjoying his corn soup/teething biscuits

- will make noise when sees his milk bottle (when feeding time)

- likes to pull things out from my PC table, especially pull his diapers out from his changing unit

- can swing his toys with his right & left hand

- can change his sitting position 360 degrees

- can respond well when call him

- get very excited with about to go out

- learning to throw tantrums (but I always never give in... lol)

So far, that's what I can recall...


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