Thursday, October 4, 2007

Today supposed to meet Josephine for lunchie near her office but last min she had to rush her school assignment... So went to 老公's office 1st as it's still early for my appointment with Angie... Was playing with my DS Lite while waiting for the time to pass... 老公 played awhile before going back to work & I left his office shortly...

Drove down to Marina Square to meet Angie @ Cafe Cartel... I went to the Coffee Club to look for her cuz I thought I'm meeting her @ Coffee Club... blur me! It's been quite awhile since Angie last saw little prince... We had our late lunchie & Angie took a pic with little prince... I had Grilled Dory Fish + fries without the sauce (cuz sharing with little prince) & also shared Supreme Platter with Angie... We helped ourselves to the free flow of bread that Cafe Cartel has & we had @ least 2 rounds of the bread alone... Their bread tasted YUMMY!!! especially those straight from the oven... I'm kinda disappointed with their Grilled Dory Fish & I still prefer White Dog's Cafe one...

Angie & little prince

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Cream of mushroom

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Grilled Dory Fish

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Supreme Platter

Had a great time catching up with Angie & we split our ways shortly as I need to pick 老公 up from office... Went ot search for DS Lite covers but I don't seem to see any... 老公 said no need to the cover cuz I don't intend to sell it off, so whether or not got scatches also nevermind... duhz~

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I finally received my SANA curler today when my mil came back with the mails... I'm gonna start using the Charming Cat mascara & also try out the SANA curler cuz Cynthia told me it's GOOD!!! I also wanna get fake eyelashes!!! I know I'm abit outdated la, now then wanna get fake eyelashes... But I like!! Cuz there's NO RULES/LAWS saying people with SMALL eyes CANNOT use fake lashes... muahahahahaha =P


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