Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just came back not long... Met up with Charmaine + Adel, Sally & Lois for a steamboat session @ 重庆火锅 along Beach Road... Supposed to have a few more members of Idobaby to join us, but they didn't turn up... It was super duper crowded with people & we proceeded to the Level 2... We're being allocated to a table @ one corner & the service or rather the attitude of that service staff there SUCKS!Shall not elaborate further... It really sucks & I'm pretty pissed off with her attitude...

Charmaine took lotsa of food & we started with the steamboat... We had 中麻辣 & 排骨 soup base... I think I ate the most today... Most of the times I don't eat that much, especially for steamboat & buffet... Think maybe it's my 1st meal of the day... Sally, Lois & me had the 中麻辣 & Charmaine had the 排骨 soup base... Sally, Lois & me had our 2nd round of drinks... Due to the soup base?

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Our 1st round of food

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Delicious dinner

It was already close to 10pm after we're done with our dinner... Charmaine suggested that we walked over to TCC @ Bugis to continue our chit chat session... It was full house when we're @ TCC, we waited awhile before a waitress brought us to an empty table outside... It was pretty warm as there's no fans @ the area where we're seating & I requested the waitress to move us into the air-conditioned place... That waitress was kind enough to get us a table inside... We ordered drinks & Adel had brownie with vanilla ice-cream, but ended up me ate up quite abit... *greedy & hungry me*

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My Ice Lemon Tea

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The 3 ladies drinks

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Adel's brownie with vanilla ice-cream

Sally left early as her hubby was around the area to pick her up & the rest of us stayed there... Sam (Charmaine's hubby) came over to look for us & we 3 ladies chatted till the closing time then finally decided to move our butt & go home... Adel had her fair share of fun & she loved to put the tissues on one chair to another... Adel was kinda 'hostile' when one of the TCC staffs wanted to play with her, maybe she's a bit shy... Think this was my 1st time that really sit down & chat with Sally & Lois... I enjoyed myself pretty much... The parking was pretty cheap & only cost me $2.14 for 5 hours...

To Charmaine, Sally & Lois:

Thanks for the company! I enjoyed myself totally! (",)

Meeting my ladies tomorrow afternoon, then followed by MJ session @ Nadia's place... Yuppie!


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