Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally finished a Korean drama 浪漫满屋 Full House... I LOVE that show... And the past few nights, I've been watching from 1+am till 5+ 6am... Although I'm really tired, but I still want to finish it... I know that this show was like 2+ years old, but it doesn't matter right? =P

It's a love story between a star, 李英宰(Rain) & a normal lady 韩智恩(宋慧乔) that met each other on the plane to Shanghai... 韩智恩's primary & secondary school friends sort of betray they friendship in doping her to sponsored 韩智恩 to Shanghai for a holiday as they sold her house to 李英宰's 经纪人... And 韩's friends even used her bank a/c to obtain loan from the bank... 韩 even used 柳名赫's name (a friend of 李) to borrow money from 李 as she had used up all her money & doen't have any to pay the accomadation charges in the same hotel as 李... And when 韩's back in Korean (her home) realised all her furnitures & stuffs all missing & that's when she knew her primary & secondary friends' scammed all her money to pay off their debts... And there's few more events happened & that's how both 李 & 韩 started their 契约婚姻... 韩 worked as a 'maid' to 李 to pay off the money that she borrowed from 李... They bickered with each other alot, but deep in their hearts they still loved & cared for each other... It's like a fairytale, Cinderalla's story...

Overall, I will rate 10/10 for this show as it's very romantic & especially that 三只熊's song...


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