Monday, November 12, 2007

Little prince turned 8 months old yesterday... Time really flies... He now can hold his milk bottle all by himself & started to say 'mum mum'... Anticipating him to call 'Mummy' & 'Daddy'... He's gonna turn 1 year old pretty soon... Can't wait for his 1st birthday to arrive!

Been having lesser sleep these few days... Was hesitating whether to go out today or not, cuz staying @ home simply drive me nuts... Been staying home mass busily chatting with my ladies day & night (night time more)... It's been fun chatting with them & I got to know a few sprees, all thanks to Cynthia... I really DEEPLY IN LOVE with falsies!!! My craze over it was only last month... And now, I wouldn't go out without my falsies, unless to IL's office or just nearby... My ladies getting more & more buay tahan me cuz I keep BUYING falsies where I have a few pairs to last me quite a while... But 我不会嫌多, 只会嫌太少... I don't mind to have a cupboard full of falsies, provided 老公 don't nag... 哈哈... I just recently ordered 4 different designs of falsies sharing with Shirley... I wanna get another dolly series & one of the forum mate wanna share... She'a taking 4 pairs & I'm getting the balance 6 pairs (cuz it's 1 box of 10's)... But till now, she also haven't place the order yet the spree is gonna close this Wednesday... I think I order 1 box myself if she don't reply me by tomorrow...

Went IL's office today, although I would rather stay home & mass chat with my ladies... Followed 老公 to run some errands & left little prince in my IL's care... It's just a kinda 小二人世界, even though it's just a few hours... It's been so long since me & 老公 last went out together... 老公 brought me to the Marina South Pier to take a look... It's pretty nice, I mean the architecture la... And I saw the riverboat parking there... Hmm, wondering is it the same riverboat that A & W used to have... Anyway, I really missed our 二人世界... =( When we're back in the office, heard little prince crying when mil feeding him milk... Managed to coax him down & he finished his milk... I went to take a short nap & when woke up, heard from mil that little prince 一直在流鼻涕... Little prince was kinda feverish too... So brought him to see a GP & glad that he's not having fever & his lungs's cleared... The GP only prescribed flu medicine... But surprisingly, little prince didn't 流鼻涕 anymore when we're on the way to see doctor... The GP said little prince is teething again & his upper central incisor teeth gonna appear soon, can see whitish thingy on in his upper gum... * HAPPY ME * After that, 老公 & I went to have our dinner & I bumped into my primary schoolmate... He changed alot & he's doing quite well in his career... He's getting ROM next year, good for him... Wish him all the best!

So HAPPY! Little prince gonna have another 2 more new teeth coming out... Been having split headache since home... Maybe it's due to lack of sleep... And I'm slowly getting used to my new W910i... The pics very clear even though it's only 2 megapixel... I'm SIMPLY LOVING MY NEW MOBILE! =P


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