Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today is my interviews with 2 agencies... Woke up pretty early & went for breakfast with 老公 as he suggested... After breakfast, chat with my ladies awhile before I prepared myself for the interviews... 老公 & little prince were taking a morning nap & I snapped a pic of the daddy & son...

Rushed out of the house @ 1.20pm as I'm running late for my 2pm interview... 老公 sent me straight to International Plaza & saw my 小姨 @ the lift lobby... She couldn't recognised me initially, but when I walked closer to her then she's surprised to see me there... Agnes from Personnel Connection interviewed me & arranged an interview @ Changi South tomorrow @ 10.30am... It's a Customer Service Coordinator position... Well, the benefits in that Company A was kinda attractive & the proposed salary was only $100 lesser than my expected salary... Her colleague, Jennifer also arranged another interview for me with Company B @ Kallang Ave @ 2pm... It's a Customer Service Executive position & the proposed salary that she got for me is more than what I expected... The locations of both Company A & B was in the East, which will be more convenient for me... Jonathan, her other colleague also arranged an interview with Company C @ Kim Keat Road @ 4pm... It's a Sales Coordinator position & the proposed salary was what I expected... But the location seemed kinda far for me... I will still give it a try, although I preferred the position of A/C Credit Officer located @ Orchard... Keeping fingers crossed that Agnes will arrange an interview with that company located @ Orchard soon, so that everyday will be a shopping day for me after work... * Day-Dreaming Me *

Went BurgerKing to have a drink & also some fries as it's still early for my another interview with a agency @ Maxwell House... Decided to walk over to Maxwell House as the rain gonna stop & I was early for my that interview... Clarrisa interviewed me & said will send my application to her clients straight away... The 2 jobs that she's offering me sounds interesting... She will get back to me once her clients revert to her...

Tomorrow will be a BUSY day for me! BUSY BUSY BUSY!


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