Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks for chauffeuring me around for my interviews!
Today is my interviewing day!

Woke up @ 8+am as my 1st interview was @ 10.30am with Company A... 老公 bought breakfast for me & I had that before I headed down for that interview... 老公 sent me for my 1st interview & it's only less than 10 mins drive from my place... I was 15 mins earlier for my interview & the moment I stepped out of the lift (level 3), I can basically see the whole department, 一目了然... But that company owns the whole building la... It's a freight-forwarding company & it's one of the biggest in the world... The person supposed to interview me was on MC, so his colleague took over... The way that interviewer described the job scope to me seemed STRESS & she kept repeating the same things again & again... The benefits' good & the working hours Mon - Thurs 8.30am - 6.30pm & Fri 8.30am- 5.30pm... There's transportation provided to nearby places to eat & also @ MRT stations... Hmm... Not bad ya, got transport... My 1st interview lasted for about 1 hour 15 mins & headed home while waiting for my 2nd interview @ 2pm...

Chatted with my ladies & Charmaine, Eunice, Catherine & Darren on msn while waiting for time to pass... Whenever I'm online, there's always something that glued me to the PC... I was nearly late for my 2nd interview... 老公 sent me down again & I was like only 5 mins earlier... * PHEW * Well, Company B is a digital printing firm & I like the office layout... Very cosy & most of the staffs there conversed in cantonese... I waited for like almost 45 mins to an hour for my interviewer to be back... Called up the agency to postpone my 3rd interview to a later time as I don't know when my 2nd interview will start... Surprisingly, the 2nd interview was pretty fast... The interviewer only looked thru' my resume & told me briefly about the post & THAT'S IT... Then talked about my son & his son... LOL... They will let me know earliest by next week if I'm shortlisted for a 2nd round of interview by the BOSS... Hopefully they called me back for another round of interview cuz I kinda like the environment there & the salary wise, it's what I want...

老公 came back & picked me up & bought lunch for me... * 爱死你了, 老公 * He sent me down to Company C for interview & waited @ the premises for me... Company C concept is like Company A, 一目了然 & Company C own the whole building too... Company C is dealing with hardware stuffs & it's a family business... The job scope is basically something similar to my last job & they can match my expected salary... YAY! And after 3 months probation, mostly likely will have an increment of $100 - $200... Yeah Baby! More $$$$$$$$$$ coming my way PLEASE!!! BUT... They are moving to another new building in Sin Ming next year... It's damn far for me lor... =( I'm still WAITING for the one located in Orchard! But I will keep my options open... Maybe a good & prospective job is coming my way??? LOL...

Going for eyebrow embroidery tomorrow!!! @ least it will end the hassle of having to draw... Stay tune for my pic! =)

I'll be joining you dearies SOON in workforce! Look out for me ok!
To Charmaine:
Hopefully I will get the job in Orchard! Then SURE meet you for LUNCHIE & GOSSIPS!


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