Friday, August 31, 2007

Hubby sent me over to Eunice's place 1st as Reiko's still sleeping & I'm going town with her... When I reached there, Reiko was already up & eating her cornflakes... Little prince does have a fun time gliding in Eunice's living room... Little prince can now sit alone on the floor for quite sometime without whinning... *clap clap*

After Eunice got Reiko ready & I've changed little prince's diaper cuz he pooed, we set off for town... Took LRT & changed to MRT & alighted @ Orchard... Walked over to Taka to the baby Fair & see see look look... Actually, there wasn't anything to get cuz as I'd mentioned eariler in my earlier post that it's the same as what was being held early this Feb 07... Was looking for teats @ Avent counter while little prince got cranky, reason being his time for milk milk... So went over to the fountain area & fed him while Eunice + Reiko still looking around...

There's a senior aged couple sitting next to me while I fed little prince milk milk... He drank all his milk & that couple was complimenting that he was such a good boy (cuz finished the milk)... =) Anyway, went over to join Eunice & I got 7 sets of Avent No. 4 teats (including Charmaine's) cuz it's very very cheap... It's only $4.80 & regardless is No.1, 2, 3 or 4 teats, only the variable flow one is abit expensive... I also got Pigeon baby wipes super value pack (pack of 82 x 6's) & also a nipple & bottle brush & my total damage is $57.49...

Walked over to CentrePoint to meet Darren aka Yeye for dinner... While waiting for Yeye to come, we stopped by MotherCare (where Eunice's mum work) as Eunice went to look for her mum & we changed our little ones diapers... After Yeye arrived, went up to Robinson Level 6, the kids department as Eunice need to find something for her sis... Nothing much to buy, but I got a set of pyjamas for little prince @ $7.90... We went for dinner @ the nearby foodcourt together with Eunice's mum then Yeye gave me & Eunice a ride back home... *Thanks Yeye*

total damage: $65.39

pics of the day

taken @ MotherCare *look @ little prince's expression*

Oh ya.... Little prince can move from lying on tummy position to sitting up position!!! *clap hands* I thought my eyes was playing tricks on me, but when I saw him did one more time, I was sooooooooooooo HAPPY that I shouted for hubby to see what little prince had achieved in his learning process...*HAPPY MUMMY*

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today was MAHJONG day for me!! Woke up super duper early @ 6+am to feed little prince water (actually was awaken by his cries la)... Was hesitating whether I should give him milk milk or just water... If give milk milk, I'll be lazy to wash & sterilised the milk bottle... If give water, he tends to choke abit whenever drink water... Anyway, I just gave him water & pat him to sleep again... Thereafter, I'm off to my dreamland too... =)

Mil woke me up & asked me whether it's time for little prince's milk milk... I looked @ the time, it's almost 10am & little prince haven't had his 1st milk milk yet... Then I told mil to feed him & I dragged myself up to have my shower & get ready for mahjong of the day @ Cynthia's place... Meeting Yen @ 10.45am to pick her up along Tanah Merah Mrt station... Went over to Rivervale Mall to get myself brunch from MacDonald's before heading down to Cynthia's place...

Anyway, started our mj session with Jasmine, Huiling & Cynthia around 12+pm... Finally!! The 1st few games it was the starting of my down luck... Thought my luck would be better, but still no... But still continued to play all the way till 5pm... In between, I did win some & @ the same time lose some too... Cynthia's hubby played a few games too... All together we played 1 & half round (meaning we played 1st round of North, South, East & West & 2nd round of East & South) & the 1st round we took almost 3+hours to finished the game & I'd lost $20... (O.o) After our game, sent Huling + Hazel (her dd) to Tanah Merah Mrt station & sent Jasmine home...

By the way, Brayden's really a handsome & happy baby... Why I said happy baby was because whenever I played with him, he kept smiling & seemed happy... Now I really think that little prince is kinda on the bigger side cuz Brayden (8 months baby) is about little prince size... omg... Why must little prince be so big size? =(

*Thanks Cynthia for letting us to have a MJ session over @ her place today! =)*

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today met Eunice for lunchie @ Bugis as well as to pass her the bags that I'd got my bestie to get for them... Supposed to meet her @ 12pm but I was still home... LOL... Anyway, she's used to it liao la... muhahahahaa... But I told her that I will F1 down to Bugis & will be there by 12.15pm... I actually did reached there by 12.15pm but she's still in the office... duhz~ But since she's pregnant, it's ok la cuz I'm the one who's late ma... =P

Waited for her @ Mos burger & little prince fell asleep shortly Eunice arrived... We chat till almost 1.30pm then Eunice went back to work... I was on my way to Charles & Keith to check a pair of shoes for my bestie Josephine as no more stocks for her size when we're @ Vivo on Sunday... While chatting with her on the phone, she asked about little prince aka her godson so I said he just woke up from nap... That's when I realised his bolster was missing... *Blur mummy* So I hanged up the call with her & went back to trace for his bolster, but still ended couldn't find... *sad mummy*

Anyway, while taking the escalator down to the 1st level, saw Jasmine & her friend... So I called her & went for a drink session with them... Had a great time chatting with them & took a pic with Jasmine (as the previous times never got the chance to take with her)... Sent her back home then back home sweet home...

YUPPIE!!! Tomorrow MAHJONG time!!! Finally!!! Will be playing with Jasmine, Huiling & Cyn... =)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today little prince's godma aka my bestie, Josephine came over to my place to pass me the loots I asked her to get for me from BKK... Supposed to meet her outside but since she wanna dropby my place 1st, why not... She bought a few clothes from BKK & it's all army attires... The overall & the airforce look-a-like overalls are cute... *Thanks Kayden's Godma*

After got myself & little prince prepared, we headed down to Vivo City as Josephine suggested... As she haven't taken her lunchie, we went over to White Dog Cafe to have her lunch... Little prince was sleeping when we reached Vivo... She had a very full lunchie & I had my fair share of food too... The way White Dog Cafe served iced water was so unique... The calamari fritts, spiced chicken wings & the lobster bisque soup was nice but the striploin steak was only so-so cuz it supposed to be medium-rare but it's like almost well-done...

Isn't it unique? *save their trouble for having it refilled*

Calamari Fritts *YUMMY*
Lobster bisque soup *YUMMY*
Spiced Chicken Wings *YUMMY*
Striploin Steak

Took a few pics there after little prince woke up... After settling the bill, went over to Charles & Keith as Josephine wanted to get a pair of red heels... But that design that she wanted doesn't have any more stocks for her size... *She's wearing size 3 by the way* After that, we walked around while waiting for hubby to pick me & little prince up...

So envy my bestie, going BKK AGAIN next week with her company & she JUST came back last week... When will it be my turn to go for a holiday????? *hinting hubby*

Pics of the day

The forever pretty Josephine

The FAT me

Godma & little prince

Godma & little prince again

Little prince & mummy

Little prince

doing the buuu buuu thingy *see his saliva*

Oh ya... I realised that little prince had slim down abit... Not that chubby he used to be now... So sad... I missed him being chubby baby... =( But on the other hand, I was sooooooooo HAPPY today cuz little prince willing to lean forward & let me carry when I say either 'bao bao' or carry... I tried once & once again (just to ensure he's really willing to let mummy carry) & he really did... *HAPPY MUMMY!!*

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today was Rinzen (Darren's dd) baby shower... I was still in dilemma whether I should go or not... As little prince was still having slight diarrhoea, not sure if I should go or not... But I still decided to go over... The party started @ 12pm, but I was still home @ 1pm... haha... Reached there almost 2pm & I almost turned to the wrong turn... Lol...

Anyhow, when I reached there, I'm glad that most of them were still around... Didn't get to taste the food from Four Seasons cuz I'd already eaten before I left the house... Looking @ all our little ones mingling around was sooooooo adorable lor... Especially when Elaine & I placed our little ones on the floor on crawling position... Elaine's prince, Shane, was only 3 weeks older than little prince, but little prince seems to be on the bigger side... duhz~

I left shortly after most of them left & went over to granny's place to look for Mummy & Daddy... Stayed @ granny's place for less than 1 hour & drove over to Marine Parade to walk around... Little prince now likes to make alot of sound & sometimes screaming for nothing... Today he kept buuuu buuuu & Mummy also do that to him... bth Mummy.... Had Mos Burger for dinner & after that went home sweet home...

Today little prince didn't finished most of his feeds... His feed @ 3+pm only drank 70ml, then fed him again @ 6+pm & drank 170ml... Then when back home, had his last feed @ 10+pm & only drank 100ml... Wondering what's wrong with him... *hoping he can sleep thru'out till tomorrow morning*

Pics of the day

Daddy & little prince *their 1st pic together*

Mummy & little prince *half of Mummy's face covered*

Mummy trying to kiss little prince *their 1st pic too*

Friday, August 24, 2007

Little Prince having diarrhoea since this morning 2+am.. He pooed alot & it's watery & greenish in colour... Then again, 6+am when he drank his milk milk, he pooed again & ganna my top...

Around 10+am, mil came into my room & told me that little prince like having fever, so when I asked for the reading, it was 37.28, still not consider fever... But his poo poo was watery & yellowish in colour... So I have to monitor his condition again before I take him to a doctor... When hubby fed him milk milk @ 2+pm, he pooed again & his temperature still lingers around 37+... So gave him medicine for his fever & monitor again...

Little prince pooed again @ 7+pm & that's when hubby & I decided to bring him to doctor... Just came back after seeing doctor... The doctor only gave one medicine (orange colour) for him & we'll have to monitor...

Little prince, faster recover ok? Mummy & Daddy LOVE you!
CaN someone enlighten me on what's wrong or what's going on?? Seems like things/people around me changes, almost like overnight...
Why is it sometimes when human makes mistakes, some are easily forgotten & some are not?
Why some choose to let it all out & some choose to bottle all up?
Why can't everyone live in harmony?
I really miss those days when we laughed our hearts out on the topics we share. I don't want all that to be shortlived.
I want it to be FOREVER!!
Can I?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today was the SAHM gathering @ Suntec City, Republic Foodcourt... Woke up super duper early as meeting Jasmine + Jayde @ 10.30am @ Bedok Mrt station... Fil sent me there again & this time I was 5 mins late... Supposed to meet Huiling @ City Hall Mrt station @ 11am, but she smsed me & said can't meet me @ 11am as Hazel (her dd) still sleeping... Carole + Jeraldine was already @ City Hall Mrt when Jasmine & me reached...

We walked around CityLink & Marina Square before heading down to Republic Foodcourt for our lunchie & also to 'chop' seats for the rest of the mummies... Those mummies who joined us shortly were, Mavis aka Mrs Soh + Trinity, Krissy aka xpink_xuanx + Kyrene, Veron aka baby gurl + Kerenza, Abyane + dh, betc + Larissa & Carol (betc's friend) + Isaiah... Jessie dropby to say hello to the mummies & to pass me the oneh oneh that I lobang Eunice to get for me... betc's friend's ds gone missing for 10-15mins when his mummy went to buy food... When Carol returned, Isaiah was missing... So Carol, together with Carole, Krissy, Veron & me went looking for the missing boy... We even alerted the security guard there to aid us in finding... In the end, Carole called me & told me that the boy had been found... His mummy found him in one of the shop... What an experience...

After lunchie, went over to Baby Fox to see if there's any good stuffs for me to grab... Was flipping thru & found 2 pyjamas rompers for little prince & damage was only $12 for 2pcs... Worth it man...

After that, I went over to Marina Square's Carl's Junior to meet Silver to get my mascara base from her as I lobang her to buy from M'sia... 1st time meeting her & boy! she's got sucha big eyes & she's pretty in real life... =) After that, headed back to Suntec to find them & I left my little prince with Jasmine... Went up to the nursing room as some of them wanna change diapers for their little ones & little prince finally woke up after napping for almost 2 hours & changed his diaper...

As Veron's hungry, we decided to go to the Carl's Junior in Suntec to have some munch... Had a great time chatting with them & will have another round of gathering again... Hubby came picked us up & sent Jasmine + Jayde to bedok Interchange & Jayde was soooooo tired that she fell alseep while on the way to Bedok... No matter how Jasmine wanna keep her awake, she will just doze off immediately... So adorable lor...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Went out with Mummy, Daddy & little prince... Drove daddy to Panasonic @ Jalan Kilang to collect his free gift of $150 NTUC voucher... Daddy gave it all to me to buy little prince's diapers & milk powder... See how my Daddy dotes on little prince & my pocket... Lol...

After having collected the freebie, went Tiong Bahru Plaza for late lunchie... Actually wanted to go to the new hawker centre but due to rain, decided to stay indoor... After lunchie, walked around the premises & went Tom & Stefanie to see see look look... Daddy bought a musical thingy for little prince as he's getting a bit cranky cuz never nap... Daddy is always like that, when little prince gets cranky, always buy things to coax him down... Just like that day @ The Underwater World, little prince was carrying a dolphin balloon, instead of putting it back, Daddy bought that for him... tsk tsk~~

Mummy bought a swimsuit, a set of pyjamas & a Carter's towel robe for little prince... Woo hoo... Me no need to spend $$ on getting another swimsuit which initially I wanted to get for him (cuz he only have swimming trunk)... When I put on the towel robe on little prince, he looked so cute lor... But I never took a pic of it =( While still browsing halfway thru', hubby called & said he's ready to leave camp & will wait for me to go pick him up... Before leaving TBP, went BK to buy a set of whopper meal for hubby as he did told me that he wanna eat after the outfield exercise when I pick him up...

So left for Chong Pang Camp to pick hubby up & gave Daddy & Mummy a lift to AMK Hub as they wanna shop there... When reaching there, I wanted to make little prince's milk milk as he's getting abit cranky, I realised I didn't brought little prince milk powder out (I already got that prepared!! blur mummy me)... So on the way home, I fed little prince water to keep him less cranky & he's kinda cooperative without being too cranky... *Phew*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Met Zhuzhu + Keidi @ Toa Payoh Hub, Kiddy Palace... While driving to Toa Payoh, little prince don't know why suddenly cry... As I was driving, I was unable to coax him & soon after he fell alseep.. duhz~ Anyway, bought 6 pairs of socks (12-24 months) for little prince cuz MOST of my friends commented that little prince's current socks kinda tight for his legs (but he got chubby legs ma) & damage $20...

Went foodcourt for lunchie & went walk around Toa Payoh central... As it was drizzling & nothing much more to shop @ Toa Payoh, Zhuzhu & I decided to go over to AMK hub... When reached AMK hub, went straight to the Nursing room to change little prince's diaper & Zhuzhu fed Keidi milk milk... Bought a green jacket @ Baby Fox & damage $16 (UP: $23)...

looks like grey right?

closed up view *shouldn't it be a fox instead?*

After that, walked around while waiting for Zhuzhu's dh to arrive & bumped into Shirley... Went home sweet home as it's getting late (I left @ almost 8pm)...

*posing for the camera*

*then, SMILE!!*

Yippie!!! Hubby coming back tomorrow from his outfield... Missing him LOTS!!!! =)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Today was the 1st day of hubby's outfield reservist, meaning he's not coming back home till Wednesday afternoon... Miss hubby sooooooo much... =(

Woke up @ 6+am as little prince's crying for milk milk... After feeding him, pat him to sleep again as I already not enough sleep liao... Then woke up @ 8+am again cuz little prince making hell of noise till I can't sleep... So carried him to my mil so that I can slumber back to my dreamland... One thing I'm quite sad about was when mil made the 'bao bao' gesture to little prince, he didn't even hesitate & straight away leaned forward for mil to carry... Then when I tried doing that gesture to him, he didn't even wanna looked @ me or leaned forward for me to carry him... I was SO SAD lor... Then I smsed hubby about it & he replied, 'Aiya.. He can't recognise me I more sad then you...' (Pardon my hubby's english) And for that moment, I'm quite happy that @ least little prince doesn't do that to me... *grinz*

Met up with one of my bestie girlfriend Cindy for lunchie @ Boat Quay... Drove down to City Hall & parked my car there (as I'm lazy to search for carparks @ Boay Quay & I sucks @ parallel parking) & took a train down to Raffles Place... Supposed to meet her @ 12pm @ McDonald's, Boat Quay but I only reached there like 12.30pm cuz gotta change little prince's diaper as he pooed... Had our lunchie @ Pasta Fesca & both of us had carbonara... Still can't see her tummy yet (she's like coming 4 months preggie)... Cindy had a great time playing/entertaining little prince...

After bidded goodbye with Cindy, took train back to City Hall to window shop... Was quite fed up with the SMRT staffs, but I shall not say further... Went to DBS to get my iBanking done, then fed little prince milk milk... After feeding supposed to meet one of my girlfriend for short coffee @ Tampines but due to her cranky son, she decided not to meet up... Was thinking of where I should go as I doesn't want to go home too early... Cindy smsed me asking am I still around City Hall as she's kinda sad after hearing the news, so I decided to meet up with her again for coffee cum window shopping @ Vivo City... Drove out of City Hall & the parking costs me $7+ for just 3 hours (-_")

We went home sweet home shortly as she's having very bad headache... Hope everything will turn out fine for her... *Praying hard*

Random pics

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today woke up @ 11am to get prepared to go Far East Plaza to have my eyebrows plucked... 1st time I walked from home to Tanah Merah Mrt station (cuz hubby still reservist) to take train with little prince... It took me almost 15-20mins walk & luckily the weather still quite cooling (but I still sweat... duhz~)... While on the train down to Orchard, little prince keep making Mmmmm Mmmmm sound... Someone even asked me little prince happy or crying *lol* Then I told him that he's trying to get attention & little prince kept making that sound thru'out the journey...

Met up with Zhuzhu + Keidi @ Orchard Mrt station after I'm done with my appt... Went Taka foodcourt to have our lunchie & as well fed little prince milk milk... Nana + Rachelle joined us shortly & went to the Baby Fair while waiting for Jess + Jannon to join us... We 4 mummies (Me, Zhuzhu, Nana & Jess) shopped around & I bought 1 short sleeve, 1 long sleeve & 1 long pants (Pigeon pyjamas) for $9.90 (for 3 pcs)... They also bought quite alot of items too... Anyway, the Baby Fair is almost or exactly the same as the one earlier this year (or last year? can't remember le)...

Went up to the Nursing Room as Jess wanna feed Jannon milk milk & the rest of us need to changed diapers for our little ones... Took some pics @ the nursing room...

Little Prince in his new pram *Thanks Jen for lending me*

Jannon (Jess little princess) *feel like pinching her chubby cheeks*

Me & Jannon

Me & Keidi (Zhuzhu little missy)

Me & Rachelle (Nana's little princess)

4 little ones & the FAT me

After that, Zhuzhu, Jess & me went over to Paragon for coffee session while Nana went to look for her friend @ the Baby Fair... The 3 of us had our drinks @ StarBucks & really had a great time yakking with them... Little prince was not behaving good again & kept wanting to be carried the moment placed him in his pram... Fed little prince milk milk while waiting for Zhuzhu's hubby to pick her up... Little prince fell alseep after his feed, then Jess & me walked to Somerset Mrt & bidded goodbye with her as she's going Toa Payoh & I'm going back home sweet home... Will meet up with them soon again...