Monday, March 31, 2008

While on the way home, saw an accident @ the exit to Bedok North from PIE...

I really cannot visioned how that vehicle can be so badly damaged both front & back bumpers, thus resulted in petrol leaking all over the road... One fire engine was @ the scence & the firemen using the water hose to wash the petrol off the road... I only saw one vehicle & not too sure was there any casualties or not...

Wanted to take a pic of it but too late... Till now, me & 老公 still can't figure out how that accident occurred in the 1st place... Praying hard there's no casualties & the driver of that vehicle are doing fine...
Now I'm in a dilemma... I couldn't make up my mind which design to get for my next LV bag... Before I got my damier speedy, I already saw LV Damier Azur Saleya MM (both colours)... In my heart I was still hesitating which one to get, and finally made up my mind to get the speedy... I should have get the Saleya MM, then get the speedy maybe months later (due to the cost), but I had no regrets on getting the speedy till now...

I couldn't decide what colour to get for the Saleya MM... I wanted to get the Damier Azur but worry about the handles getting dirty... I don't mind getting the Damier Canvas but the design (meaning the damier colour) was similar to my speedy... So in between these 2, I'm really lost on getting which one... And currently the Saleya PM is selling @ $1530 & Saleya MM selling @ $1710... Think I gotta wait for @ least 6 months later (or more) to get the Saleya & I can't imagined on the price as LV increased their prices according to Yen or USD (can't remembered which one) twice a year... hoping will cost less than $2K when I saved enough to get it (cuz going BKK in August & need to budget now)...

Should I get this....

LV Damier Azur Saleya MM

Or this?

LV Damier Canvas Saleya MM

I loved this sling bag since many years ago, but that time my financial doesn't allowed me to buy... I have not checked on the price yet... Actually my desire on getting this had almost faded (thru's the years), but somehow the feeling came back stronger when one of my girlfriend's carried that on my little prince's 1st birthday... arghhhhhh.... I hate this kind of feeling on to get or not to get...

LV Monogram Canvas Saumur

Any advices????????

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's so disheartening to hear from my 妈咪 that my 阿嬷 was diagnosed with liver cancer after her 1 week + stay in SGH... And the doctors will not do those necessary tests to determine which stage is her cancer & also not putting her on chemotheraphy, only giving her panadol in case she's in pain...

My 阿嬷 is already 80+ this year & she's considered having good life as she's a proud great-grandmother of 5 little great-grandchildren (incluing my little prince)... She used to play mahjong during Sundays when she's in her 60s/70s... I had to agreed on the doctors decisions as I know 阿嬷 might not be able to pull thru' if she's undergoing treatments & those needle-pricking tests...

We rather she lead a normal & needles-free life till her last day than put her thru' so much sufferings...

Went over to 五姨's place with 妈咪 + 爹地 & little prince to visit 阿嬷... When I saw her & greeted her, she responded to me better compared to when she's still in SGH... When she's in SGH, she didn't even respond & just look @ me... She even touched & hold little prince's little hand when I carried him over to greet her...

五姨 came back with yummy donuts from J.Co, Raffles Place & 妈咪 & me had 2 each while 爹地 had 3... Even little prince also had his share of donuts (without all the flavorings) & he seemed to enjoy it... Awhile later, both 妈咪 & me heard 阿嬷's soft voice & only realized that she fell from the bed & landed on the floor (in sitting position) when 五姨 went to her room... She couldn't tell us if she had hurt herself & 六姨 kept asking whether she hurt herself (which part pain) & she pointed to the area behind her left ear (more towards the neck area) & applied medication for her... Am gald that nothing serious injuries on her & my 五姨's maid had to be on alert mode just in case anything happen to 阿嬷 while the rest still working...

I sincerely hope that my 阿嬷 to have full recovery & win her battle against the demons (cancer cells) and be healthy as ever... *keeping fingers crossed & praying hard to GOD*

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Drove to Vivo City to meet my besties & their little ones… Think this was the 1st time meeting both of them after all 3 of us gave birth… We also seldom met up in the past as all of us were busy with our own life… Me & Cindy had lunchie over @ Thai Express while waiting for the other bestie to join us for coffee & catching up… Was a bit sad as Isaiah didn’t attend as he’s sick … It’s also good that she didn’t brought little Isaiah along as it’s so crowded @ Vivo…

Anyway, we headed over to Bakerzin to meet the other bestie with her little ones… It’s my 1st time seeing her little one in person & he’s super uber cute… He’s almost 5 months old & kept givng us smiling faces whenever we played with him… Little prince was jealous over didi when I purposely carried didi infront of him & he cried out loudly with 大串的眼泪, 一滴接着一滴地流下来 (meaning big tears started falling immediately)… I’m a ‘BAD’ mummy right? Keke… And I realized little prince only cling to me whenever my mil or 老公 not around… Well, it’s kinda sad when little prince did that to me whenever I’m with either老公 or mil, but on the other hand I’m quite happy as I had no worries that little prince become too sticky to me… But I’m glad that he was jealous over that, so meaning @ least I still have a place in little prince’s heart… *Contented*

After that, me & Cindy went GAP baby & Fox Baby to get clothes for our little ones while my other bestie went for her next appointment with her hubby… It’s really worth getting GAP clothes as they’re having 50% off on 2 item (only applies to GAP infants & toddlers) & I only paid $68.40 after additional 10% (on regular items) & 5% (on top of the 50% discount being a GAP member… But the bottoms I rather get from Fox Baby as the price more worth it (cost-effective)…

Sent Cindy home & headed home sweet home…

To my 2 besties:

Thanks for the day & nice catching up with you wonderful babes!!! We shall have another session soon! =)

To Cindy 姨姨:

Thanks for the lovely birthday pressie!!! I love it very much & mummy & daddy also love it!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Congratulations to my girlfriend!!!

I was shocked & happy when I heard the shocking news from her... She's having baby #2 & her EDD will be this year Nov 2008... So happy for her & her hubby...

hmm... wondering when will be my turn to have my baby #2??? Really missed pregnancy days...
I'm gonna get more falsies from Bugis next Wednesday, 2nd April as the lady boss (the shop I frequent) told me there might be a promo & new stocks & designs will be shipped in on Wednesday...

I'm gonna grab lots & lots of falsies (even though currently I have quite a lot)... Think gonna spend @ least $100 on falsies... Shall see how it goes on that day...

Anyone wanna join me on that 'Falsies Grabbing' day? muahahahahaha....
I really feel like crying out when I saw this tragic news on papers yesterday... It's really very very sad & disheartening to see this kind of news happened... My heart really goes out to baby Jolene & her other family members... Hopefully she have someone taking care of her all the way as she grows... And I realised that the North-South expressway in M'sia always have tragic accidents happening... Is it because that the area is 'dirty'??

Anyway to all drivers that planning to drive up M'sia using the north-south expressway to be on 101% alert & careful when travelling @ a high speed or doing turning...

Four killed in family holiday tragedy

MPV swerved off Malaysian expressway, slammed into two trees in morning crash

By Teh Joo Lin & Melissa Sim

SOLE SURVIVOR: A Tangkak hospital staff member feeding baby Jolene, who was given milk every two hours there. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND LIM

WHAT started out as a holiday for the Bong family ended in a terrible tragedy, wiping out four members in a horrific crash.

The Bongs had been on their way to Kuala Lumpur for a break when their seven-seater Mitsubishi Grandis swerved off the North-South Expressway and hit two trees.

The impact of the crash was so great that three people in it were flung a great distance: Madam Kor Yee Lin, 36, was found 36m from the wreckage; her mother Madam Pang Chee Seng, 69, landed in a drain 20m away.

The family's two-month-old baby, Jolene - who somehow survived with nary a scratch - was found in a clearing 10m from the car.

The driver, Madam Kor's husband Mr Bong Kwang Hong, 37, and their son, Justin, two, were trapped in the wreck.

A semi-conscious Mr Bong was taken in an ambulance to the hospital with the baby, but he died there from his injuries.

The other three died on the spot.

Muar Traffic Police investigator Kamilah Mohd Nasir said Mr Bong appeared to have lost control of his multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) at about 7.30am.

The car mowed down a tree before coming to a jarring stop at a second one.

The crash left the Mitsubishi a mangled wreck, with part of its roof ripped off.

Jolene was taken to a hospital in the town of Tangkak, where nurses dubbed her a miracle baby.

The little girl, who suffered only a few bruises on her forehead, had been crying when she first arrived, but was 'all smiles' and angelic after a while, said the nurses.

She was described as having rosy cheeks and a full head of hair, and was fed milk from a bottle every two hours.

Now an orphan, she was in the care of strangers until three of her uncles and her paternal grandmother arrived at the hospital from Singapore at around 9.30 last night.

But the family, including two of her uncles, Mr Bong Kwang Hwa and Mr Bong Kwang Sheng - her father's younger brothers - had to tend first to the grim task of identifying the four bodies at the mortuary.

When the bodies were presented for identification, Jolene's paternal grandmother crumpled to the floor in a heap, wailing.

The family members spent the night at a hotel in Muar and are expected to claim the bodies this morning.

Mr Bong was the director of adventure tour agency Explore! Worldwide, which specialises in adventure activities, sports and corporate leadership training.

He enjoyed sports and had taken part in the New Balance Corporate Triathlon at East Coast Park in 2005.

The family lived in Simei Green condominium, and Madam Kor had been on maternity leave since Jolene's birth.

Neighbours said the couple had been living there since the condo was built in 1999.

* News extracted from the Straits Times

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Met Stephiey after work to Bugis as I wanna get more falsies as my current volume ones only left 1 box each... We went straight to Bugis Village to get my falsies but only managed to get 3 boxes as they don't have much stocks left... Their new stocks will only be in next wednesday... =(
Then went to hunt for my jeans as till now I didn't managed to find jeans that I liked... Most jeans in Bugis Village were all skinnys which I don't like as it will emphasis on my thighs & hips... I preferred those bootcut style... Finally found 1 pair of jeans that I liked & it only cost me $28, which is much more cheaper compared to those selling in Far East Plaza... But I'm gonna get a few more pairs cuz my current one was kinda loose for me, I even have to use a belt to hold it... And another happy thing is, I finally can fit into size 26 jeans... It's a big surprised for me cuz even before my pregnancy, I have to wear size 27 or 28 depends on the cutting of the hipster jeans... And finally now I can fit into size 26!!! But think still have to depends on the jeans cutting...

Then Stephiey went for hair extensions as she kept complaining that her current hair too SHORT... Altogether she did 154 strands of hair extension but only cost her $150 & 4 strands was FOC... But I still find that the hair extension was too thin & even extend 154 strands, still looked very thin... Think she gonna do again, maybe another 150 strands? hmm....

Gonna meet my 2 besties this coming Sat together with our kids... Can't wait to see their babies!!! =)

Congratulations to my 'soul mate' Ben & his wife on their new arrival of their precious son!!!

Their son arrived today & weighing @ a healthy weight of 3.03kg!!! Will be visiting them soon before she discharged & I can't wait to see their son!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Went SGH to visit 阿嬷 & this was her 2nd time hospitalized this month… Brought little prince as usual & met up with 妈咪 & 爹地 @ SGH… Little prince’s 1st time tasting raisin bread (六姨 gave him) & he seemed to love it very much…

Brought little prince to the ward’s dayroom to have his milk & he’s kinda being distracted by a 14 month old boy & went down on his feet to walk closer to that boy… I was kind of not very happy cuz that boy kinda pushed little prince when playing… I know I shouldn’t be angry over this as young toddlers doesn’t know how to differentiate what’s right or wrong when playing with other toddlers… And I can’t even scold that boy as his mummy was present & his mummy told me that her boy never once reacted like that (although that boy & little prince were playing happily)… Well, what can I say? I can only smiled & walked away…

Drove to Bugis as I had cravings for Sakae Sushi & it’s supposed to be my treat (for妈咪 & 爹地) but ended up妈咪 footing the bill cuz she won 4D… =P Went to hunt for my jeans & almost wanted to buy Levi’s Silver Tab jeans but I 不舍得 spend $139++ (although after discount) on a pair of jeans & headed home shortly… =(

When can I find a suitable jeans for me????? =(

Saturday, March 22, 2008

It’s a long weekend, but I still had to come back to ‘work’ @ 8.30am… As I’ve mentioned, my company had been re-located @ level 6 (previously from Level 3) on the 20th March (thus had a ½ day on Thursday) & the purpose of coming back office it’s to do unpacking…

Spent most of the day doing unpacking & it’s really damn tiring & warm… I could feel that my bones gonna break any minute… Finally finished unpacking & put everything in place @ my work station & my superiors’ documents & left to pick little prince up…

So everything’s a brand new start!!! Pic of my new work station will be uploaded soon… =)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Today was Ashly's birthday... Gracia & the rest decided to celebrate for her @ The Crew Room... Supposed to meet Gracia earlier than 10pm cuz thought of leaving earlier for the night as gotta reach office 8.30am the next day… By the time I’m done with my stuffs, I only left the house @ 9.30pm…

Anyway, I was quite surprised that it’s not so crowded on a Friday night (compared to those nights when I’m there) & the rest of them were already there… Gracia & I sang 2 – 3 songs for the night & the rest of the time we’re playing dices… It’s was sooooooo fun & even if I lost, I only drink green tea cuz I’ve already quitted drinking eversince I’m preggie… So to me, it’s not a big deal to lose but to the rest of them, it’s a big deal as they’re drinking one tower of beer & also a jug of burbon coke (by the courtesy of Joel)…

Took 2 pics with Gracia & Aiko cuz I left my digicam’s memory card @ home & that stupid digicam’s memory damn small, can only store 4 photos… Blurry me…

The birthday gal, Ashly, was pretty tipsy, especially after the glass of ‘WaterFall’ (again, by courtesy of Joel)… After that, it’s time for cake cutting & we forgot to sing ‘Happy Birthday” to Ashly… =X

Well, overall it’s a enjoyable night again with the rest… =)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today spent the 1/2 day @ work finishing my final packing before knocking off @ 1pm... Went up to take a sneak peep @ my new work station & it's bigger compared to my current one & thought of bringing my stuffs up 1st but looking @ the situation, it's advisable not to as it's freaking dusty as the workers still working on the final touch up... Will take pics of my new work station once I'm back in the office on Monday...

Went over to Wisma to have lunch with Charmaine & also to get something from her... Had a small catching up over lunch before she went back to work... Initially I wanted to go home straight after lunch, but looking @ the time, it's still early & since I'm already in Orchard, I might as well do some shopping as I need to get a new pair of jeans as my current one was abit loose for me... Walked Charmaine back to her office then off to Far East Plaza for my clothes hunting... Dropped by i-inouvi (couldn't remember the correct spelling) to get my eyebrows trimmed... Had a hard time finding the pair of jeans I wanted & when I found it, they don't have the size I want... And the most hilarious thing that I ever heard from the SA was that her boss ASK ME TO PAY FOR THE JEANS 1ST BEFORE I EVEN TRY IT ON!!! I was like "HUH??? WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT I HAVEN'T TRY ON!!!" Even the SA also felt that it's not even RIGHT for customers to PAY for something that they haven't even try, although their stocks will be arriving in few days time... Anyway, gave that SA my number & to call me once the stocks arrive...

Bought 1 pair of wedges from Mondo & 2 tops from Future State as they're having 20% sale on all merchandises... I simply LOVE the floral tube top that I got... Wanted to go for more shopping but had to head back home as 老公 called few times to rush me... I hate it whenever I had the mood for shopping, he called & kept rushing me... ARGHHhhhhhhhhh!!!




As it's a long weekend, 老公 suggested to go drinking as he commented that it's been a long time since he went out to enjoy... So got our butts (老公, me & bil) out of the house once ILs came back & went Dungeon (our 1st stop) for some drinks with his friend & left for The Crew Room @ Prinsep St to look for Aiko as well as bring 老公 there as he had not been there once... Had a great time there & can see that 老公 & bil actually enjoying themselves there even though they commented that they cannot drink already as their stomachs were bloated with beer... And something unpleasant happened there & it somehow made a big hooha that even police made their trip there... Luckily no one was hurt... Guessed it's just some very small miscommunications ba... Headed home soon after cuz both 老公 & bil were high & abit tipsy...

Tomorrow will be heading down to The Crew Room again as it's Ashly's birthday celebration... Can't wait to see them!!! Pics for tomorrow night will be upload soon =)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

After work met up with Mabel (my super duper long long ex-colleague cum friend for almost 12 years) @ Plaza Singapura.... We went Thai Express for dinner cum catching up... It's really fate that brought us together again as we've lost contact with each other for more than 8 years... And we bumped into each other @ Dobby Ghaut MRT station (northeast line)... Well, sometimes it's just soooooooo funny in life... Even though lost contacts for many years, fate still bring people together like a reunion and that doesn't mean no longer friends anymore... 若和他人有缘,既是以他人失去联络,有缘分还是会相聚的.

After dinner, we went shopping as it's sooooooooooo cold @ the restaurant... We basically stepped into all the boutiques in Plaza Singapura & I only got 2 Cutie Cutie double eyelid glues for my falsies as my current glue (that lasted me for almost 1/2 year) almost finishing & Mabel got herself 1 casual top... Both of us went home sweet home around 9+pm as we still have to work tomorrow...


Our Dinner




Yeah!!! Tomorrow having 1/2 day!!! Meaning it's another shopping day for me!!! BUT~~~ Saturday have to go back to office @ 8.30am to unpack my stuffs cuz my office have offically shifted 3 levels up (from my current level) within the same building... Although the feeling of having to go back office on Saturday SUCKS, ESPECIALLY it's a LONG WEEKEND~~, but it's also a good thing as I'll have a BIGGER & NICER working environment when I go back to walk on Monday!!! Anyway, am looking forward to my new work station!!! =)

To Mabel:
Thanks for the dinner! Next round will be on my treat! Nice catching up with you after so long! We shall meet up soon again! =)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Woke up super duper early today cuz my bil coming back... Not cuz of my bil coming back that's why I woke up early to fetch him from the Airport with 老公... It's for a particular reason which I don't wish to elaborate on... Anyway, before getting our butt (mine & little prince's) out of the house, 老公 asked me to take pics of little prince in these 2 mobiles & will show to little prince when he grow older... <-- damn lame right? haha... I simply LOVE his expressions in those pics below... Simply melts my heart away... =)

Went back to 妈咪's & they commented that I'm too early... I really don't know what they want from me... When I went back late (around 4+ 5+pm), they commented "这么晚才来" (why I so late then come)... When I'm early (around 12+pm 1pm), they commented "这么早来干吗" (why I so early today)... Well, sometimes parents are very funny, come late, ask why so late... come early, ask why so early... haiz...

Anyway, 爹地 brought little prince to the void deck to play ball ball while 妈咪 do her household chores... As for me, I'm sitting infront of the laptop playing wahjong online... Been wanted to play yesterday @ home, but don't know what's the bloody problem that my PC don't co-operate with me... Even 妈咪 also hooked onto the game... Lol... But I'm sure she would prefer playing with REAL cash... =P

We drove to Suntec for dinner & did some shopping... Little prince walked the furthest distance in his whole walking experience... He also enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with me (which I hide behind some pillars when he saw me & approaching my direction)... And he also LOVE to play older kiddos & he normally will stop @ one side & smile when he saw older kids playing around him... There's these young siblings (probably 3-4 years old) whom actually kind of playing with little prince & the elder brother even offered his food to little prince... The scence of seeing them playing in their own way & little prince making hell of happy laughter was soooooooo nice... Damn, I should have video it down with my digicam... I'll do that next time!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today was my bestie's little prince Isaiah's baby shower and the celebration start @ 7pm... That gives me ample time to get a pressie for Baby Isaiah as it's only 11+am when I'm awake... ILs brought little prince over to their office as 老公 suggested so that I can get my things done faster & picking him up after we're both done with our stuffs to the celebration...

Drove over to Tampines Mall as I need to get little prince's jumper exchanged for a bigger size over @ Fox baby... I bought more clothes for little prince & bought 2 tees, 1 romper & a jumper for Baby Isaiah as pressie... Wanted to get more but time doesn't allow me to do so as I'm running late for the baby shower... Then walked over to Century Square to grab a pressie my another bestie's baby as I didn't managed to attend his baby shower last year and also get little prince HIS pressie as his parents are just plain too lazy to get a pressie for him... =X

When I'm done with my last-minute shopping, picked 老公 up & then to ILs office to pick little prince up... My mil told me that little prince waited for us till he fell asleep... Lol... Then no choice, me (the 'bad' mummy) woke him up as need to get him dressed as I'm already 1/2 hour late... We reached the venue closed to 8.30pm and luckily Baby Isaiah was still awake... Managed to carry him & got 老公 to take a pic of us as I didn't had the chance to take with him when I visited him @ the hospital last month... Little prince had lotsa fun there & he even wanted to dash into the swimming pool but was being stopped by 老公... I also had a great time catching up with my 2 besties as we don't get to meet very often, and it's really like donkey years then meet up... Bidded goodbye with my bestie & off back home as little prince's sleeping time was approaching soon...

Little Prince's new wardrobe (more to come)

My 1st pic with Baby Isaiah

Little prince's pressie from my bestie & US (me & 老公)

From my bestie

To Cindy & Melvin:

Thanks for the invitation to your little prince's baby shower! =)

To Jeannie:

Thanks for the birthday gift! Little prince will LOVE it! =)

Friday, March 14, 2008

I took these pics while waiting for 老公 to pick me up from Potong Pasir MRT after work...

And I almost would have witness @ least 2 cases of accidents due to the fauty traffic lights if the cars DIDN'T stop in time... Really THANK GOD not even a single accidents happened & no one was injuired... If not, I really don't know what to react... Maybe I'll be in shocked for a while... *Touch Wood*

Anyway, I showed these pics to 老公 & he said I should have videoed the whole thing down instead of taking individual photos... Duh!
Just took pics of my little prince's new bruise that he got it from his attempt to climb over the 'fence' this evening...

Can see (the ones that I've circled in the pics)? Damn 心痛 lor... =(

My poor little prince had been sick for the past 5 days as he’s down with flu & cough… He’s getting much better with no more running nose & no more coughing @ night… =)

When picked him up from my ILs’ office last evening, I realized there’s a red line @ the corner of his left eye I thought was a scratch… But when I asked my mil about it, she told me that he lost his balance & knocked onto the edge of the cabinet & it looked bruised… My poor little prince… =(

can see the slight red line @ the corner of his left eye?

Then today, called me & told me that little prince had a fall when he’s trying to climb over the ‘fence’ that separates his playroom & the main working area @ my ILs’ office… And now his head had a baluku… Yesterday was the bruise, today’s a baluku… What’s next???? I know it's part & parcel of him growing up, but after seeing those bruises, still will 心痛 lor...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, my 宝贝小王子 KAYDEN LOO!!!!


Sunday, March 9, 2008



Got up early to pack our clothes & make sure everything was in place before checking in to Costa Sands, Downtown East together with my ILs… The weather wasn’t looking too good & we were worried that Little Prince’s birthday celebration will not go well as what we had planned…

老公 was the only one doing the simple decors for this evening’s event while I unpacked our stuffs… A while later the buffet food arrived & it all looks yummy to me… 妈咪 & 爹地 staying over… Soon, the guests arrived one by one shortly & our relatives as well… Luckily the weather was much better as it stopped raining (as if it knows it’s little prince’s birthday celebration & doesn’t want to spoil the atmosphere) =)

Soon, the whole place was filled with laughter & kiddos playing happily…老公, me, ILs & my parents were busy entertaining our guests & when it’s almost time tfor cake cutting session, something that I never expected that to happen had occurred! But nevertheless, my 六姨 was so kind enough to solve it for me & I appreciated it greatly…

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank all our friends & relatives who made the effort to attend little prince’s birthday (even though it’s still raining here & there) & you are the ones that had made this day a great success!! We greatly appreciated it!

gift from Fay 姐姐

To all uncles, yi yis, great-uncles & yiyis, jie jies & gor gors:

Thank you for coming to my 1st birthday celebration!! Thanks for birthday pressies & ang pows!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

From: Little Kayden Loo


Saturday, March 8, 2008


Went Middle Road for a last-min shopping with 老公 for little prince’s 1st birthday celebration tomorrow… Those 3 shops that sell party stuffs moved from Concourse to Middle Road early this month… There’s too many stuffs that 老公 & I wanted to get for his birthday but we had a budget to stick to…

Had our supper late dinner with little prince making a fuss as he’s tired & headed home to get my hands on the preparation of goodie bags…

in the midst of preparations

Never did I realized that it’s actually very tiring after packing the bags for the kiddos & it took me 2+ long hours to finish the whole lot of 22 goodie bags…