Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today was my bestie's little prince Isaiah's baby shower and the celebration start @ 7pm... That gives me ample time to get a pressie for Baby Isaiah as it's only 11+am when I'm awake... ILs brought little prince over to their office as 老公 suggested so that I can get my things done faster & picking him up after we're both done with our stuffs to the celebration...

Drove over to Tampines Mall as I need to get little prince's jumper exchanged for a bigger size over @ Fox baby... I bought more clothes for little prince & bought 2 tees, 1 romper & a jumper for Baby Isaiah as pressie... Wanted to get more but time doesn't allow me to do so as I'm running late for the baby shower... Then walked over to Century Square to grab a pressie my another bestie's baby as I didn't managed to attend his baby shower last year and also get little prince HIS pressie as his parents are just plain too lazy to get a pressie for him... =X

When I'm done with my last-minute shopping, picked 老公 up & then to ILs office to pick little prince up... My mil told me that little prince waited for us till he fell asleep... Lol... Then no choice, me (the 'bad' mummy) woke him up as need to get him dressed as I'm already 1/2 hour late... We reached the venue closed to 8.30pm and luckily Baby Isaiah was still awake... Managed to carry him & got 老公 to take a pic of us as I didn't had the chance to take with him when I visited him @ the hospital last month... Little prince had lotsa fun there & he even wanted to dash into the swimming pool but was being stopped by 老公... I also had a great time catching up with my 2 besties as we don't get to meet very often, and it's really like donkey years then meet up... Bidded goodbye with my bestie & off back home as little prince's sleeping time was approaching soon...

Little Prince's new wardrobe (more to come)

My 1st pic with Baby Isaiah

Little prince's pressie from my bestie & US (me & 老公)

From my bestie

To Cindy & Melvin:

Thanks for the invitation to your little prince's baby shower! =)

To Jeannie:

Thanks for the birthday gift! Little prince will LOVE it! =)


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