Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Met up with Aiko after work as I wanted to get more volume falsies… While waiting for Aiko to reach Bugis, went TopShop & saw a top & a dress I fancied… The price was kinda out of my budget & gave it a miss… Walked over to the village with Aiko & headed to that shop to get my falsies… Was kinda disappointed with their current stocks of ‘XO’, ended up only got 3 pairs of the ‘XO’ & I got other new designs …

Gracia + Yongming + Xander & Joel came joined us shortly… We had our dinner @ one of the Japanese restaurant that Gracia recommended as it’s worth the price… Yongming was carrying Xander (cuz he’s sleeping) with one hand & other hand to eat…

Xander was a shy boy & need ample time to warm up his ‘engine’… Even after showing some pics of little prince, his ‘engine’ still not warmed up yet… lol… Went window shopping around before walking over to The Crew Room as Joel need to get his pay… Had a lot of fun while walking there & I managed to get some of the birthday banners & goodie bags for little prince’s 1st birthday celebration on Sunday… Had a short drink over @ Mr Bean with them before headed home sweet home...

To Aiko, Joel, Gracia & Yongming:

Thanks for the night! =)

See ya on Friday!!!


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