Friday, February 22, 2008

It’s a catch up session with Charmaine & Sally… Think it’s the 2nd time since we last catch up with Sally… Met Charmaine after work 1st over @ Tanjong Pagar as our actual meeting time with Sally was @ 7pm… Headed for a short coffee with Charmaine as it’s another 1 hour to go before meeting Sally… Met up with Catherine since we’re taking the same (train) direction & chatted a while before heading to Boat Quay…

We had Pasta Fresca for dinner as to what Sally suggested… I had carbonara & left almost 2/3 of my pasta untouched… Don’t know why my appetite being reduced… Charmaine & Sally had ‘sinful’ yet delicious desserts… Mark Lee + his wifey & friends (maybe) were sitting just behind us… Both Charmaine & Sally were kind of surprised that a family of 4 (sitting @ another table) actually had a huge appetite & they had @ least 3 rounds of main dishes & followed by desserts… Luckily I wasn’t sitting facing the family of 4’s, if not, I think I’ll feel a tiny winy bit ‘disgusted’ by their food intake…

My dinner

Sally's dinner

Charmaine's dinner

We decided to change a place for our coffee session as it’s getting quite crowded with working class… Wanted to have our session @ Coffee Bean and only realized that it’s no longer there & was being replaced by a seafood restaurant… That’s how long I’ve never stepped into Boat Quay… So ended up @ Swissotel Merchant Court’s CrossRoad Bar… Chatted for almost 1+ 2 hours with them & Charmaine left 1st whereas Sally & I left 1/2 – 45 mins later as we decided to call it a night. It’s great spending my evening with these 2 mummies & we will definitely do more of these catching up sessions…

To Sally & Charmaine:

Thanks for the companion today! Had a lovely dinner & catching up with you both! =)


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