Saturday, February 16, 2008

Went over to 五姨's place for a CNY gathering... Took a cab to pick 妈咪 & 爹地 from Bedok MRT to her place... 麻雀's sound greeted us when we're in her place & little prince again needed time to get warm up before letting people to carry...

My cousin was kind enough to look after little prince for me while the 3 of us had our lunch... 五姨 made lotsa of 我的最爱 (my all-time FAV) yummy sushi & I had lotsa it even after a plate of bee hoon... =D

Had lotsa fun playing Wii games with my cousins & I was kinda addicted to to one of the games till I totally forgotten little prince for quite a while... I kept asking 爹地 to look after him while I enjoyed the Wii games... I know I'm a bad mummy for awhile but I really couldn't resist the Wii's temptation... =X 六姨 suggested that whoever got the highest score will be rewarded with a $20 红包... So me + Huimin as a team & her brother + her boyfriend as a team... In the end, it's the guys' team with the victory... After 2 hours on playing Wii, 六姨 suggested to play black jack before 老公 come & pick me + little prince to attend 新加坡吕氏公会's (Loo Clan Association) dinner @ Hotel Royal... I finally got 1 time 'ban ban' = double Aces & about 5 times of black jack (during this CNY) before 老公 arrived... Got little prince changed & off to the dinner...

Mil booked 3 tables for us including relatives & the dinner set off @ 7.30pm on the dot... The food was yummy & I had very very sinful meals for whole of today... Hope I won't gain too much weight if not my efforts will be down the drained... Our tables (2 out of 3 tables) had a bit of luck with some lucky draw even & got @ least 2 lucky draw gifts... The dinner ended 10.30pm on the dot & most of the guests made their weight out... Fil drank quite abit & we drove home together (woth me as the driver) & 老公's the driver of Fil's van... Little prince fell asleep almost immediately even before I drove out of the carpark...

Little prince & Mummy

老公 & me

Our 全家福

Can't wait to little prince's 一岁生日!!! In another 23 days' time!!! WOO~ For the next 2 weeks, will be attending 2 little one's 一岁生日 before little prince... It's spending $$$$$$$$$$ again... =X


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