Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today supposed to be back in the office as it’s 开工日… But didn’t went as little prince was having slight fever in the morning… So smsed my boss telling her that I couldn’t attend… Monitored little prince’s fever & am glad that it subsided, if not, I can’t attend our mini CNY gathering over @ Darren’s place…

Had decided not to drive cuz I don’t feel like driving, but I totally regretted of not driving… The cabfare from my place to Darren’s place cost me $29.45!!! Wondering why on Sat still need to implement that 35% peak hour subcharge??? So pissed with it!!!

After our steamboat dinner, we had Yu Sheng that’s pretty yummy… Had a great time catching up with them & the kiddos had their fair share of having a great time playing together… Only managed to take a group photo, the rest is with Charmaine… Don't asked me why I'm standing in a weird position, cuz I also don't why... =P

Hitched a ride from Charmaine as I got老公 to pick me & little prince up @ Compass Point as Charmaine picking her ILs up somewhere there…

To Darren & Janurse:

Thanks for opening up your humble house for our mini CNY gathering & thanks for all the food & Yu Sheng!

To Charmaine + family, Catherine + family & Darren + family:

Thanks for the companionship!

To Charmaine & Sam Chia:

Thanks for the ride to Compass Point!