Monday, February 4, 2008

Today’s a final shopping day before CNY… Met up with Julia @ FEP tp pass her falsies that she tobang me to get from the spree... Chatted with her awhile before Stephiey arrived… Went to collect my shoes that the stocks had arrived… I was tempted to get a pair of white heels from the same shop but decided to walk around for other brands… And luckily I didn’t get that pair of white heels that I’ve saw earlier as I saw another pair from Mondo that I liked & I got that pair instantly... Joel came to joined us after his work while waiting for Aiko to arrive… Was hunting for more clothes but couldn’t see anything I liked… Went back to collect my Mondo heels as I got the SA to expand the front part for me before we headed to Taka for our dinner…

While waiting for Aiko , I suggested that we shall go into LV as I wanted to get the Damier Speedy 30 & joined the queue… When we’re about to go in, Aiko finally arrived & we went in together… I was kinda sad that the Damier Speedy was OOS… The SA was telling me basically whole of Singapore & worldwide was OOS & he had no clue when the stocks will be coming in & asked me to try my luck again sometime end of the month… But SA mentioned that the Neverfull stocks were here & I was pretty tempted to get the Neverfull MM since I couldn’t get the Speedy… But Aiko & the rest said might as well wait for the stocks to arrive, rather to get the Neverfull… So I don’t think I can strike off from my wishlist by end of this month… =(

After that, walked over to Coach as Stephiey wanna see the bags & I thought maybe I can get a Coach bag 1st then followed by the Speedy… But the design that I liked no longer on display & I also lazy to check with the SA… Went Yoshinoya for our super duper late dinner before we split our ways… Will be calling LV often to check on the status of the stocks, of cuz Kaka is helping me to make the calls la… =P

Finally, my online GAP loots arrived, together with Charmaine’s orders… But too bad, 2 items that I’d ordered was OOS… If not, little prince will have 3 new setsof rompers…

To Aiko, Stephiey & Joel:

Thanks for the companion today! =)

To Kaka:

Remember to help me call & check hor… =P