Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today is my 1st time going JB with Charmaine + Sam + Adel & Catherine + WY + Janine… Supposed to meet Charmaine over @ Bugis @ 9.30am but I was late as my dear 老公 wants little prince to be fed before leaving the house as he doesn’t want little prince to go hungry… 老公 sent me over as I’m running late & left as he’s not going with us…

Our journey started once Charmaine’s back with her breakkie & Adel’s sliced apple from McDonald’s… It’s a pretty smooth journey on the way to Woodlands Custom & little prince fell asleep till we reached the custom… It was being telecast in the news that Malaysia’s trying out a trial of entering her country without having to fill in the white cards… But we still filled up the cards anyway & when we reached Malaysia’s custom, the custom officer didn’t mentioned anything about the white cards & I saw a notice next to their counters that no need to fill in the cards effective on …… (date I forgotten liao)… Hmm, hopefully they really abolished this rule as it’s quite a hassle to have the cards fill up before we could enter…

Went straight to Terbrau City after meeting up with Catherine… The carpark was pretty emptied as to compare with those days that Charmaine & Catherine went… That’s my 1st time to the mall & it’s something similar to Takashimaya, it’s pretty big… Headed for our lunch @ 1 of the restaurants that Charmaine & Catherine suggested… The food was ok & proceeded with our main purpose of going there… Charmaine & Catherine looking for CNY goodies & I had nothing much in mind, just wanna window-shop around for CNY clothes but in vain… Nothing much caught my attention & we decided to proceed to Jusco Hypermart as Charmaine & Catherine wanna stock up their kids’ FM… Thought of getting the FM for little prince, but after conversion, it’s about the same as in Singapore & I only got the diapers for little prince as my stocks also running low… The Mamy Poko & Huggies Dry’s prices was about the same here & the 2 preggie women persuaded me that Drypers pretty good & cost effective & since they’re having promo on Drypers, I got the last 3 XL packets left on the rack.

Headed back to Singapore after we’re done & Sam Chia sent us home…

To Charmaine + family & Catherine + family:

Thanks for the companionship! Can we have more of these?? Can’t wait till our BKK trip!!!

To Charmaine & Sam Chia:

Thanks for the ride to M’sia & the ride home! =)


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