Friday, February 15, 2008

老公 spoilt my mood damn early in the morning when on the way to work... Sometimes really can't stand his attitude when he doesn't have enough sleep... But it's not my fault that resulted in his lacking of sleep... The main culprit is the ONLINE GAMES!!!

Went shopping with 老公, bil & little prince after work as it's the last day of my Isetan vouchers... I long ago wanted to get a new digicam cuz my current one sot sot already & I've asked/smsed a few of my friends if they have any lobangs for less than $500 in the market... Jesslyn recommended me Casio Exilim as she had a good experience with her past Casio Exilim... =)

We had our dinner @ the foodcourt before heading to Isetan... 老公 & bil went to the Mens' department while I checked out their kids' section... Bil initially wanted to use my Isetan vouchers to get his things but couldn't find the items he wanted... In the end I used that vouchers for little prince's clothes + a gift for my bestie's little prince & I only had to top up less than $10 for 5 pcs of rompers... =D I also bought little prince 2 tops & 1 jumper from Fox Baby with damage of $64... It's time for a wardrode revamp for little prince as most of his 6-12 months tops (mostly from Fox Baby) getting tiny winy small for his build... hmm, meaning my little prince has grown much taller now... Even the SA over @ Isetan commented that little prince doesn't look like his age... =X

And finally, went to hunt for my new digicam... I need to get it real fast as little prince's 一岁生日就快到了 & I'm gonna go SNAP SNAP SNAP whenever I can on that day... Saw one Casio Exilim 7.1 mega pixels over @ Courts & it's selling $399, but 老公 said think about it 1st & we went to another store to try my luck... I saw another one that's $100 less than the Courts one... We're waiting for the SA to serve us for quite a while till can see 老公's face turns black... Finally, 1 SA came over & asked me what I want... I was kinda pissed & told that SA in a not-so-friendly-tone that I just want to take a look @ the bloody digicam & NONE of the SA attended to us (we've been @ the counter for BLOODY 15 - 20 MINS LONG)... And he FINALLY asked one of his colleague (WHO HAD BEEN HIDING BEHIND THAT BLOODY COUNTER), to attend to us... Their attitude & service really SUCKS to the core!! It's like 'gonna-off-work, not-gonna-attend-to-customers' kinda attitude... Really feel like giving them a piece of my mind, but... Anyway, I got my new gadget without having 2nd thoughts & 老公's face even more black as he said 'why must buy now', 'will help me check over @ Sim Lim', 'I always buy things without checking prices elsewhere' blah blah blah... *me ignoring HIS blah blah blah* And we headed home with my contented shopping loots... =P