Sunday, March 2, 2008

FINALLY I drove our new car! =) After hesitating for a while, decided to give it a try… To be honest, I’m not very used to it as it’s very very different from our 2 previous cars… Anyhow, there’s always a 1st time…

Drove over to Zenden’s 1st birthday & only arrived after the cake cutting session due to the super duper heavy rain… Bumped into Aiko + Clevant & Joel & went up together… Didn’t stayed there for long as I’m meeting 妈咪 & 爹地 to T3… Little prince ‘s current height is 75 cm (Stephiey helped to measure)…hmm… don’t know consider tall or short for his age… Hopefully he take after 老公’s genes & be as tall as his daddy…

Supposed to reach妈咪’s place before 5 pm but ended up reaching there around 5.30 pm… Fed little prince 1st before heading to T3… Settled our dinner @ the foodcourt & bumped into Carole… There’s few shops there too &妈咪 bought a new pair of walking shoes from Colettee for little prince for his 1st birthday but I immediately let him wear the new shoes as I wanted to encourage him to walk on his own… I only kinda regretted it when I passed by Nike shop… Told妈咪 that should have gotten him the nike shoes instead… =(

We went up to the viewing hall as 妈咪 thought of letting little prince see the aeroplanes, but sadly we can’t even see a thing… Anyhow, I’ve placed little prince standing on the floor & encourage him to walk towards妈咪 while I took a video of him… He didn’t want to @ 1st, but he still go ahead & he’s doing pretty well… * Clap clap for my little prince * Before heading home, we decided to have some munch @ Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits as we had very little for our dinner… It wasn’t so fantastic & I brought little prince out of the restaurant while waiting for妈咪 & 爹地 to finish… I let little prince to try walking again & he’s very happy with his achievement… * HAPPY MUMMY *

Enjoy the pics!

Counting down 7 days more to little prince’s 1st birthday celebration & 9 days to his actual birthday!! =)


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