Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Clevant!

Picked 妈咪 up & drove to SGH to visit grandma as she was admitted due to a fall… Luckily she doesn’t have any serious injuries just that the doctor wanted her to stay for observation… Left about an hour later as picking Nadia + TF + Fay up from Outram Mrt before heading home to pick little prince up to attend Clevant’s 1st birthday…

When we’re about to reach the venue, Stephiey called Nadia saying she’s leaving as she’s there very early @ 2+ 3pm & Zenden also need his nap… So we’re the only one there, apart from Aiko’s friends & relatives… Aiko’s little miece was kind enough to help me look after little prince while I had my 1st meal of the day & both little prince & Fay had their fair share of fun & food, and so were we adults… Fay totally enjoyed herself to the max running up & down & having her own kind of fun… Jacqueline + Jabez & Xiaoxue + Skye reached around 8+pm… Both me & Nadia couldn’t recognized Xiaoxue from far as she had really slimmed down a lot, compared to the last meet up with her in January (to my 1st trip to Dr John’s clinic)… Am really glad that she had achieved what she want & just a few more kgs to her ideal weight… Xiaoxue, you go girl! =)

Had mini catching up with Jacqueline & Xiaoxue before it’s time for the cake cutting session… Clevant’s birthday cake was sooooooooo creamy (from the look of it) & it’s his favourite character, ELMO! I only managed to take a few pics there as Nadia & I were busy chatting away…

Nadia + TF + Fay & I left shortly after the cake cutting as we’re having a 麻雀 session over @ Nadia’s place with Jacqueline later that night… It’s been a while since we last played麻雀 & I won a little after having 16 rounds of麻雀… Slumbered to my dreamland after reaching home before 7am… Imagine our 16 rounds of麻雀 lasted around 5 + hours… =P

To Aiko & hubby:

Thanks for the invitation to Clevant’s 1st birthday! I’ve enjoyed it very much!

To Nadia, TF & Jacqueline:

Thanks for the麻雀’s night! Totally enjoyed myself! =P


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