Friday, March 14, 2008

My poor little prince had been sick for the past 5 days as he’s down with flu & cough… He’s getting much better with no more running nose & no more coughing @ night… =)

When picked him up from my ILs’ office last evening, I realized there’s a red line @ the corner of his left eye I thought was a scratch… But when I asked my mil about it, she told me that he lost his balance & knocked onto the edge of the cabinet & it looked bruised… My poor little prince… =(

can see the slight red line @ the corner of his left eye?

Then today, called me & told me that little prince had a fall when he’s trying to climb over the ‘fence’ that separates his playroom & the main working area @ my ILs’ office… And now his head had a baluku… Yesterday was the bruise, today’s a baluku… What’s next???? I know it's part & parcel of him growing up, but after seeing those bruises, still will 心痛 lor...