Friday, March 21, 2008

Today was Ashly's birthday... Gracia & the rest decided to celebrate for her @ The Crew Room... Supposed to meet Gracia earlier than 10pm cuz thought of leaving earlier for the night as gotta reach office 8.30am the next day… By the time I’m done with my stuffs, I only left the house @ 9.30pm…

Anyway, I was quite surprised that it’s not so crowded on a Friday night (compared to those nights when I’m there) & the rest of them were already there… Gracia & I sang 2 – 3 songs for the night & the rest of the time we’re playing dices… It’s was sooooooo fun & even if I lost, I only drink green tea cuz I’ve already quitted drinking eversince I’m preggie… So to me, it’s not a big deal to lose but to the rest of them, it’s a big deal as they’re drinking one tower of beer & also a jug of burbon coke (by the courtesy of Joel)…

Took 2 pics with Gracia & Aiko cuz I left my digicam’s memory card @ home & that stupid digicam’s memory damn small, can only store 4 photos… Blurry me…

The birthday gal, Ashly, was pretty tipsy, especially after the glass of ‘WaterFall’ (again, by courtesy of Joel)… After that, it’s time for cake cutting & we forgot to sing ‘Happy Birthday” to Ashly… =X

Well, overall it’s a enjoyable night again with the rest… =)


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