Sunday, March 16, 2008

Woke up super duper early today cuz my bil coming back... Not cuz of my bil coming back that's why I woke up early to fetch him from the Airport with 老公... It's for a particular reason which I don't wish to elaborate on... Anyway, before getting our butt (mine & little prince's) out of the house, 老公 asked me to take pics of little prince in these 2 mobiles & will show to little prince when he grow older... <-- damn lame right? haha... I simply LOVE his expressions in those pics below... Simply melts my heart away... =)

Went back to 妈咪's & they commented that I'm too early... I really don't know what they want from me... When I went back late (around 4+ 5+pm), they commented "这么晚才来" (why I so late then come)... When I'm early (around 12+pm 1pm), they commented "这么早来干吗" (why I so early today)... Well, sometimes parents are very funny, come late, ask why so late... come early, ask why so early... haiz...

Anyway, 爹地 brought little prince to the void deck to play ball ball while 妈咪 do her household chores... As for me, I'm sitting infront of the laptop playing wahjong online... Been wanted to play yesterday @ home, but don't know what's the bloody problem that my PC don't co-operate with me... Even 妈咪 also hooked onto the game... Lol... But I'm sure she would prefer playing with REAL cash... =P

We drove to Suntec for dinner & did some shopping... Little prince walked the furthest distance in his whole walking experience... He also enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with me (which I hide behind some pillars when he saw me & approaching my direction)... And he also LOVE to play older kiddos & he normally will stop @ one side & smile when he saw older kids playing around him... There's these young siblings (probably 3-4 years old) whom actually kind of playing with little prince & the elder brother even offered his food to little prince... The scence of seeing them playing in their own way & little prince making hell of happy laughter was soooooooo nice... Damn, I should have video it down with my digicam... I'll do that next time!


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