Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today spent the 1/2 day @ work finishing my final packing before knocking off @ 1pm... Went up to take a sneak peep @ my new work station & it's bigger compared to my current one & thought of bringing my stuffs up 1st but looking @ the situation, it's advisable not to as it's freaking dusty as the workers still working on the final touch up... Will take pics of my new work station once I'm back in the office on Monday...

Went over to Wisma to have lunch with Charmaine & also to get something from her... Had a small catching up over lunch before she went back to work... Initially I wanted to go home straight after lunch, but looking @ the time, it's still early & since I'm already in Orchard, I might as well do some shopping as I need to get a new pair of jeans as my current one was abit loose for me... Walked Charmaine back to her office then off to Far East Plaza for my clothes hunting... Dropped by i-inouvi (couldn't remember the correct spelling) to get my eyebrows trimmed... Had a hard time finding the pair of jeans I wanted & when I found it, they don't have the size I want... And the most hilarious thing that I ever heard from the SA was that her boss ASK ME TO PAY FOR THE JEANS 1ST BEFORE I EVEN TRY IT ON!!! I was like "HUH??? WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT I HAVEN'T TRY ON!!!" Even the SA also felt that it's not even RIGHT for customers to PAY for something that they haven't even try, although their stocks will be arriving in few days time... Anyway, gave that SA my number & to call me once the stocks arrive...

Bought 1 pair of wedges from Mondo & 2 tops from Future State as they're having 20% sale on all merchandises... I simply LOVE the floral tube top that I got... Wanted to go for more shopping but had to head back home as 老公 called few times to rush me... I hate it whenever I had the mood for shopping, he called & kept rushing me... ARGHHhhhhhhhhh!!!




As it's a long weekend, 老公 suggested to go drinking as he commented that it's been a long time since he went out to enjoy... So got our butts (老公, me & bil) out of the house once ILs came back & went Dungeon (our 1st stop) for some drinks with his friend & left for The Crew Room @ Prinsep St to look for Aiko as well as bring 老公 there as he had not been there once... Had a great time there & can see that 老公 & bil actually enjoying themselves there even though they commented that they cannot drink already as their stomachs were bloated with beer... And something unpleasant happened there & it somehow made a big hooha that even police made their trip there... Luckily no one was hurt... Guessed it's just some very small miscommunications ba... Headed home soon after cuz both 老公 & bil were high & abit tipsy...

Tomorrow will be heading down to The Crew Room again as it's Ashly's birthday celebration... Can't wait to see them!!! Pics for tomorrow night will be upload soon =)


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