Wednesday, March 19, 2008

After work met up with Mabel (my super duper long long ex-colleague cum friend for almost 12 years) @ Plaza Singapura.... We went Thai Express for dinner cum catching up... It's really fate that brought us together again as we've lost contact with each other for more than 8 years... And we bumped into each other @ Dobby Ghaut MRT station (northeast line)... Well, sometimes it's just soooooooo funny in life... Even though lost contacts for many years, fate still bring people together like a reunion and that doesn't mean no longer friends anymore... 若和他人有缘,既是以他人失去联络,有缘分还是会相聚的.

After dinner, we went shopping as it's sooooooooooo cold @ the restaurant... We basically stepped into all the boutiques in Plaza Singapura & I only got 2 Cutie Cutie double eyelid glues for my falsies as my current glue (that lasted me for almost 1/2 year) almost finishing & Mabel got herself 1 casual top... Both of us went home sweet home around 9+pm as we still have to work tomorrow...


Our Dinner




Yeah!!! Tomorrow having 1/2 day!!! Meaning it's another shopping day for me!!! BUT~~~ Saturday have to go back to office @ 8.30am to unpack my stuffs cuz my office have offically shifted 3 levels up (from my current level) within the same building... Although the feeling of having to go back office on Saturday SUCKS, ESPECIALLY it's a LONG WEEKEND~~, but it's also a good thing as I'll have a BIGGER & NICER working environment when I go back to walk on Monday!!! Anyway, am looking forward to my new work station!!! =)

To Mabel:
Thanks for the dinner! Next round will be on my treat! Nice catching up with you after so long! We shall meet up soon again! =)


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