Monday, March 31, 2008

Now I'm in a dilemma... I couldn't make up my mind which design to get for my next LV bag... Before I got my damier speedy, I already saw LV Damier Azur Saleya MM (both colours)... In my heart I was still hesitating which one to get, and finally made up my mind to get the speedy... I should have get the Saleya MM, then get the speedy maybe months later (due to the cost), but I had no regrets on getting the speedy till now...

I couldn't decide what colour to get for the Saleya MM... I wanted to get the Damier Azur but worry about the handles getting dirty... I don't mind getting the Damier Canvas but the design (meaning the damier colour) was similar to my speedy... So in between these 2, I'm really lost on getting which one... And currently the Saleya PM is selling @ $1530 & Saleya MM selling @ $1710... Think I gotta wait for @ least 6 months later (or more) to get the Saleya & I can't imagined on the price as LV increased their prices according to Yen or USD (can't remembered which one) twice a year... hoping will cost less than $2K when I saved enough to get it (cuz going BKK in August & need to budget now)...

Should I get this....

LV Damier Azur Saleya MM

Or this?

LV Damier Canvas Saleya MM

I loved this sling bag since many years ago, but that time my financial doesn't allowed me to buy... I have not checked on the price yet... Actually my desire on getting this had almost faded (thru's the years), but somehow the feeling came back stronger when one of my girlfriend's carried that on my little prince's 1st birthday... arghhhhhh.... I hate this kind of feeling on to get or not to get...

LV Monogram Canvas Saumur

Any advices????????


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