Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Met Stephiey after work to Bugis as I wanna get more falsies as my current volume ones only left 1 box each... We went straight to Bugis Village to get my falsies but only managed to get 3 boxes as they don't have much stocks left... Their new stocks will only be in next wednesday... =(
Then went to hunt for my jeans as till now I didn't managed to find jeans that I liked... Most jeans in Bugis Village were all skinnys which I don't like as it will emphasis on my thighs & hips... I preferred those bootcut style... Finally found 1 pair of jeans that I liked & it only cost me $28, which is much more cheaper compared to those selling in Far East Plaza... But I'm gonna get a few more pairs cuz my current one was kinda loose for me, I even have to use a belt to hold it... And another happy thing is, I finally can fit into size 26 jeans... It's a big surprised for me cuz even before my pregnancy, I have to wear size 27 or 28 depends on the cutting of the hipster jeans... And finally now I can fit into size 26!!! But think still have to depends on the jeans cutting...

Then Stephiey went for hair extensions as she kept complaining that her current hair too SHORT... Altogether she did 154 strands of hair extension but only cost her $150 & 4 strands was FOC... But I still find that the hair extension was too thin & even extend 154 strands, still looked very thin... Think she gonna do again, maybe another 150 strands? hmm....

Gonna meet my 2 besties this coming Sat together with our kids... Can't wait to see their babies!!! =)


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