Sunday, March 23, 2008

Went SGH to visit 阿嬷 & this was her 2nd time hospitalized this month… Brought little prince as usual & met up with 妈咪 & 爹地 @ SGH… Little prince’s 1st time tasting raisin bread (六姨 gave him) & he seemed to love it very much…

Brought little prince to the ward’s dayroom to have his milk & he’s kinda being distracted by a 14 month old boy & went down on his feet to walk closer to that boy… I was kind of not very happy cuz that boy kinda pushed little prince when playing… I know I shouldn’t be angry over this as young toddlers doesn’t know how to differentiate what’s right or wrong when playing with other toddlers… And I can’t even scold that boy as his mummy was present & his mummy told me that her boy never once reacted like that (although that boy & little prince were playing happily)… Well, what can I say? I can only smiled & walked away…

Drove to Bugis as I had cravings for Sakae Sushi & it’s supposed to be my treat (for妈咪 & 爹地) but ended up妈咪 footing the bill cuz she won 4D… =P Went to hunt for my jeans & almost wanted to buy Levi’s Silver Tab jeans but I 不舍得 spend $139++ (although after discount) on a pair of jeans & headed home shortly… =(

When can I find a suitable jeans for me????? =(


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