Saturday, March 29, 2008

Drove to Vivo City to meet my besties & their little ones… Think this was the 1st time meeting both of them after all 3 of us gave birth… We also seldom met up in the past as all of us were busy with our own life… Me & Cindy had lunchie over @ Thai Express while waiting for the other bestie to join us for coffee & catching up… Was a bit sad as Isaiah didn’t attend as he’s sick … It’s also good that she didn’t brought little Isaiah along as it’s so crowded @ Vivo…

Anyway, we headed over to Bakerzin to meet the other bestie with her little ones… It’s my 1st time seeing her little one in person & he’s super uber cute… He’s almost 5 months old & kept givng us smiling faces whenever we played with him… Little prince was jealous over didi when I purposely carried didi infront of him & he cried out loudly with 大串的眼泪, 一滴接着一滴地流下来 (meaning big tears started falling immediately)… I’m a ‘BAD’ mummy right? Keke… And I realized little prince only cling to me whenever my mil or 老公 not around… Well, it’s kinda sad when little prince did that to me whenever I’m with either老公 or mil, but on the other hand I’m quite happy as I had no worries that little prince become too sticky to me… But I’m glad that he was jealous over that, so meaning @ least I still have a place in little prince’s heart… *Contented*

After that, me & Cindy went GAP baby & Fox Baby to get clothes for our little ones while my other bestie went for her next appointment with her hubby… It’s really worth getting GAP clothes as they’re having 50% off on 2 item (only applies to GAP infants & toddlers) & I only paid $68.40 after additional 10% (on regular items) & 5% (on top of the 50% discount being a GAP member… But the bottoms I rather get from Fox Baby as the price more worth it (cost-effective)…

Sent Cindy home & headed home sweet home…

To my 2 besties:

Thanks for the day & nice catching up with you wonderful babes!!! We shall have another session soon! =)

To Cindy 姨姨:

Thanks for the lovely birthday pressie!!! I love it very much & mummy & daddy also love it!


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