Friday, August 29, 2008

Met up with some lovely people from a forum & it's really nice meeting with them... It's kinda fun being around them & there's a joker to entertain us & we all had a good time laughing & laughing... We shifted from Starbucks to Burger King as it's brighter over @ BK for the purpose of taking pics... Haha...

Presenting.... The lovely peeps!!!

I missed out quite abit as I've to leave early for my bro's birthday bash... But it's really my pleasure meeting up with the lovely peeps & I don't mind another outing... Hehe... =)

老公 came to pick me up & we headed to our friend's birthday @ Boat Quay... We've to park our car @ the multistorey carpark (two streets away) as the open space car lots were FULLY occupied... Both of us enjoyed our night there & we took many photos too... The birthday boy was drunk & headed home while the rest of us continued partying there...

老公 & Me

Celsius Bro & Me

老公, Celsius (birthday boy) & Me

William, Yong Chang, Ben & 老公

William, Yong Chang, Chee Chong, 老公 & Ben

Jerlyn & Me

Celsius & 老公

William, Ben, 老公 & Patrick

老公 & Patrick

老公 & Ben

老公, Ben & friend

老公 & his ex-camp mate

Me & Elizabeth

Me & Derrick

Derrick & 老公

Me & Chee Chong

Our group pic

I went over to Conspiracy to look for darling Jo as she's there with Alvin, Michelle & the rest... It's always fun whenever I'm with my darling Jo... =)

Darling Jo & Me

I'm really glad that I have these groups of peeps in my life, ESPECIALLY 老公 & little prince... The 2 MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! =)


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