Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Met up with Elaine, Charmaine & Catherine after work for dinner & catching up @ Kenny Rogers, Marina Square... Charmaine arrived 1st with Adel and followed by me + little prince then Elaine... It's been a long long time since I last saw Elaine... She brought Shyann along as Shane was not feeling well... Catherine had to work OT thus we decided to place our orders 1st while waiting for her...

The kiddos

The ladies

Little prince: "ONE MORE PLEASE"

We chatted over food & Shyann was kinda shy initially, but after she's warmed up, the kiddos had fun snapping away... Haha...

And now it's Adel's turn to be shy when Shyann had already warmed up...

Finally both of them not shy anymore

Our Group Photo

The kiddos had their own fun near the christmas tree & I LOVE this photo very much!

All smiling

I've forgotten to prepare christmas pressies for Shyann & Shane and was supposed to grab something from the mall... But by the time we're done with our dinner, it's already almost 9.30pm & most of the shops closing soon... Gotta get the pressies by this week & pass to Elaine...


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