Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FINALLY!!! After such a LONG wait, I finally got my LV Damier Galliera PM in Azur!!! And my everdearest sweet boss actually went back to Bond Street & got my bag exchanged for the Azur... Yeah!!!

Presenting my new addition to my damier series!!!

I know my boss was pretty angry when I smsed her last week about my decision to change... But, I'm really glad that she made the effort to change it for me even though the weather in London was FREEZING cold~ that she didn't even want to stepped out of the house...

I'm so gonna use it later today as I couldn't RESIST for not carrying the bag!!! Haha...

And I went to shorten my bangs during lunch time today... Many commented that I looked like a student, which I took it as a compliment... LOL...

Thank you my everdearest boss to get the bag for me & went thru all the trouble to change it to Azur for me despite the freezing weather in London... =)


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