Thursday, November 20, 2008

Headed town today after work with Natalie for some christmas shopping as we're having a mini christmas dinner cum gift exchange on the 12th Dec...

Walked into LV @ NAC to show her the bag that I've gotten my boss to buy from London... Initially I already told my boss that I wanted the Monogram design... In fact when my boss got it for me yesterday (calling from London), she asked me many times which one I want (between Monogram and Azur)... But I couldn't visualise myself carrying the azur one and the other thing about azur was that very easily dirty & I'm someone who hate to maintain my bags... So I rather get the monogram instead to save all the hassles... BUT! when I was there, Natalie, the SA commented that the Azur looked better on me than the Monogram... After hearing that, I totally regretted & was in a dilemma immediately... And I bumped into one of my longlost friend & asked for her opinions... Although deep in my heart I've already changed my mind & wanted the Azur badly, I just want just ONE more person to double-confirmed... She also commented that Azur suit me more... I quickly smsed my boss in London about it & of cuz, kinda got reprimanded by her as it's very cold & not that convenient for her to go all the way to Bond Street & carry the huge bag around... =(

But she didn't say NO for not having it exchanged for me, just that no promises... So all I can do now it's JUST have to keep my fingers CROSSED that she do the change for me... *praying hard* =(

Wanted to get a year 2009 planner but couldn't find a suitable one... Went to kinokuniya & borders and ended up we bought books & cookies instead of christmas pressies and my year planner... Haha...

Headed over to Coffee Bean for a short drink & took some photos of the christmas lightings in Orchard... Gonna bring little prince, 妈咪 & 爹地 to town soon (maybe over this weekend) to submerge ourselves into the christmas atmosphere...


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