Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm back from my Company's Annual Trip... I would say it's a G-R-E-A-T success & it wouldn't be perfect without the staffs' co-operation... BUT! it's a tiring yet enjoyable working trip for me & my everdearest boss... As it's a business trip for me, I shall let the pitures do the talking as I'm LAZY to type... Haha...

5th November 2008 (Day 1)

Waiting to take off from SIN to Guangzhou (in the aircraft)

Our meals

My everdearest Boss & me

Random pics of Guangzhou before landing

It's us again

At the toll stations

Random pics of our Executive Club Room

View from our room

Dinner @ Yu Ming Xin Chun (forgot the exact location)

Their liquor display

6th November 2008 (Day 2)

Nothing much on this day except for welcoming BODs & EDs & MEETINGS...

The housekeeper was damn cute la... Displayed all our stuffs so organised...

7th November 2008 (Day 3)

Managed to get some time off from our busy work schedule to get cheongsam for our Annual Dinner & Dance for tomorrow...

8th November 2008 (Day 4)

Finally the B-I-G day has arrived!!! And it's been BUSY BUSY BUSY for both me & my boss that we barely had any spare time to freshen up...

My RMB 300 cheongsam

Me & my Boss

Me & my colleagues

The 3 of us really worked our A-S-S out thru'out the whole 6 days 5 nights trip...

9th November 2008 (Day 5)

Finally the B-I-G day was over... Heading out with my boss to breathe some fresh air + running errands...

With colleagues @ the hotel lobby before heading out

In the middle of Beijing Lu, 北京路

Ordered room service as the both of us were famished...

10th November 2008 (Day 6)

Before heading for lunch appointment with the working community

Outside 友谊广场

Our lunch @ 喜喜

The soup was quite tasty, minus off the scopions

Final photos taken with the hotel management before heading back to Singapore

Happy staffs' loots from Guangzhou

@ Guangzhou's Airport

Our super late in-flight meals


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