Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm supposed to bring little prince to join Darren + Ganden, Charmaine + family & Lois + Joshua @ Wild Wild Wet today but I didn't... It's all cuz of the day of the month that spoilt my day!!! Why should it come today??? Arghhhhh... Both little prince & I missed out the F-U-N today.... =(
Apart from this, I've actually planned to attend my Jeannie's son, Seth, 1st birthday @ Sentosa right after Wild Wild Wet... Why of all days must come visit me today??? I thought a miracle that I wished for really come true when it delayed it's visiting time about 7 days ago... =(

I've spent 3/4 of the day doing nothing & 1/4 of my day @ 妈咪's place playing viwawa after picking little prince up from ILs' office... Waited for 爹地 to come back from work & had dinner @ Century Square... Everywhere's crowded today & 妈咪 suggested to have our dinner @ 避风塘 located @ B1... It's our 1st time dining there & sad to say, the food wasn't even that fantastic... Their porridge was too salty & the soy chicken rice (油鸡饭) was served with steamed rice instead of the chicken rice... And little prince was throwing little tantrum when he couldn't have his way... We only ordered 2 plates of chicken rice, 1 century egg with lean meat porridge, 1 plate of fried rice & a small bowl of boiled soup & the bill was $46.40, pretty expensive for just few plates of simple dishes... It's definitely not worth the money & I don't think I would ever want to dine there again... Both 妈咪 & I totally agreed that we would be happier to dine @ Sakae Sushi for that kind of price... Sent 妈咪 & 爹地 home & headed home sweet home with a sleepy little prince...

Lately, I realised little prince like to choose who to shower him & wipe him dry, who to read bedtime stories to him, who to carry him, who to tuck him to bed, etc etc... Hmmm, is this a GOOD or BAD sign??

To: Charmaine, Darren & Lois

So sorry that I couldn't join you peeps @ Wild Wild Wet today... Hope you all enjoyed yourself totally...

To: Jeannie & baby Seth

Babe, so sorry that I couldn't make it to Seth's 1st birthday... Will make it up to you ok, baby Seth? Will pass you your birthday pressie soon...


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