Thursday, October 16, 2008

Met up with Julia yesterday to collect my MBD masks that I've ordered from her & also a little catching up... Had been hesitating of whether to bring little prince along with me for the last few hours before knocking off...

In the end made my mind after consulting Julia & called 老公 to drive little prince down to my office @ 5.30pm sharp... But I kinda little regretted as it's started to rain again... Luckily the rain had stopped, if not I really can't imagine myself carrying little prince with 1 hand & balancing the umbrella with the other hand, and not forgetting my bag... *Phew*

Went up to the Kids' department @ Takashimaya & got little prince another pair of shoes cuz the weather was freaking cold & little prince's feet were cold... This time round bought an Osh Kosh sneakers for him...

Julia arrived shortly & we went over to Paragon to have dinner... Julia recommended me a restaurant @ the basement called Spageddies Italian Restaurant... I had so much to complain about this restaurant... The staffs' attitudes were REAL BAD and it's as if we owed the millions or even billions bucks... Although that restaurant provide colouring paper & crayons to entertain the kiddos, their service SUCKZ big time~ The way they presented the bill was like they don't give a damn & respects!!! It's that kind of 'take it or leave it' attitude... I've asked for a feedback form & even complained to the manager about the service and that manager didn't even gave me a very good explaination & kept saying 'Sorry'... *it's my 1st time lodging a complain to a manager of any restaurants* It's my very 1st & last time patronising that restaurant... So pissed with their services!! DUHZ~

Went over to M1 & enquired about the differences between Samsung Omnia & Samsung F480... Just realised that Samsung F480 was just a normal mobile phone with fully touch-screen function with stylus and it's without Wifi unlike Omnia... And I can do an early upgrade to Omnia 8 GB with just $438 and I was so tempted to get on the spot... But Julia asked me to consider 1st as there's not much of a difference to get it now or end month... Hmm... Or should I just go down tomorrow or during weekends to get it? Sign up a new line or add another 2 years contract to my current one?

Anyway, we walked back to Takashimaya as Julia wanted to check the prices for her friend's birthday... We decided to call it a night & headed to the MRT station after calling 老公 to pick us from Tanah Merah ... Little prince & I were so lucky to have a seat all the way back home even when the train was overcrowded... =)


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